Anderson Silva Horrific Leg Break Caught on Film [Video]

Warning: This Video Could be Disturbing to Some Viewers

Anderson Silva Horrific Leg Break in Martial Arts Bout

Photograph by Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports, with appreciation.

In the December 28 Ultimate Fighting Championship mixed martial arts bout between Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman, Anderson suffered a horrific break to his leg which ended the contest and was caught on film at the moment of impact. The fight ended in the second round when Weidman blocked a kick from Silva which finished the re-match and broke Anderson’s lower left leg.

29 year-old 11-0 champion Weidman faced 38 year-old 33-6 Silva on Saturday night in Las Vegas and the injury to Silva happened so quickly that many in the capacity crowd did not see it happen. Weidman told reporters that he had been working on his ability to block kicks. The defending champion said that he purposefully blocked kicks with his knee with the idea it would really hurt his opponent.

The mixed martial arts champion was defending his UFC Middleweight Title at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. Weidman said that the entire incident was “crazy.” Photographer’s caught the moment an instant after the blocked kick turned into a shattered leg bone for Silva. You can see that particular photograph here:

Anderson Silva Horrific Leg Break in Martial Arts Bout

Photograph by Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports, with appreciation.

The sudden leg break of Anderson Silva occurred at one minute, 16 seconds into the second round. The horrific injury ended the mixed martial arts rematch of Silva and Weidman with the undefeated current champion keeping his title. The exact moment that Silva’s leg broke was caught on film footage of the fight and by professional photographer Oneca.

The Saturday bout was a rematch between the two fighters as Weidman defeated Silva once before to take the title away from the older legendary fighter. Fans of Silva always maintained the Weidman got lucky in his first fight with Silva and these same fans were watching eagerly to see Anderson take back the title.

The bout, which aired live on Pay-Per-View channels was overseen by referee Herb Dean and started badly for Silva as Weidman took a couple of “feeler” jabs before knocking him to the mat with a single leg kick. Silva got back up and Weidman pressed his attack landing blow after blow on Silva. At one point it appeared that Dean was going to stop the match, but, changed his mind after Silva recovered and let the fight resume.

Silva started coming to life and began to defend himself and press for the odd attack and landing a few blows to Weidman’s body. By the end of the first round Weidman was in the lead against his rival.

Round two began with Silva going on the offensive and landing an inside kick to Weidman’s leg that appeared to shake the defending champion. Weidman then started to go for a takedown move but changed his mind. The two fighters exchanged a flurry of kicks and in the last move of the match Weidman blocked Silva’s kick breaking the fighter’s leg around the shin area. In the video coverage Silva looks down at his leg, which appeared to be “boneless” in amazement.

The injury, which was missed by many in the audience, is clearly seen in the video replay of the second round. Shown from two different angles, the moment of impact and the subsequent damage cannot be missed by the viewer. A 59 second replay of the leg break, which was caught on film, shows that when Anderson Silva kicked Chris Weidman in the Middleweight UFC Mixed Martial Arts bout is difficult to watch. This footage is cringeworthy, but, it is not as horrible as the single picture taken by Jayne Kamin Oncea for USA TODAY. We have put the video of the incident below; be advised that this footage could be disturbing.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom




Chicago Sun-Times

One Response to Anderson Silva Horrific Leg Break Caught on Film [Video]

  1. Kevin December 29, 2013 at 7:08 pm

    Silva met his match! Sorry to Silva it had to be so painful.


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