Black Holes Can Be Beautiful

Black Holes Can Be Beautiful

Very rarely does someone associate a black hole with something beautiful. Often times they are considered bottomless pits which will consume anything and everything unlucky enough to be close to them. Currently the majority of the population is also aware that when a black hole consumes an object it emits a light throughout its “event horizon.” Typically this is a short process, however, Paul Crowther of the University of Sheffield in the UK and Joel Bregman of the University of Michigan claim to a black hole system with a much lengthier process.

ULX-1 it’s now what themselves and scientist alike are now referring to this black hole system. ULX-1 is an abbreviation that stands for ultra-luminous x-ray source.  Basically the system is made up of the black hole itself and a star known as Wolf-Rayet. This unlucky star is stuck in an orbit with the black hole itself. With this unfortunate situation for Wolf-Rayet, it has basically become a slow moving food source for this black hole. The black hole is able to emit beautiful radiant light because of the star particles it constantly consumes.  Thus not only making it one of the most beautiful sights to see from a telescope, but also has the potential to change our understanding of black holes all together.

Till now scientists on Earth were unaware of this potential and that’s not the only part of this black hole system that have so many scientists trying to learn as much as they can from it. At this point everything is still being researched and we have much more to learn from it.  Scientists say that the system is over 22 million light years away and located in the Pinwheel Galaxy.  Due to the great distance it is thought that Wolf-Rayet has since died and become a binary black hole twin to the one that used to benefit from it so greatly. We still have much to learn from systems like these and there will always be scientists working as hard as they can to crack the code to our universe, but sometimes I think we should pause, relax, and enjoy the view that it puts on for us.

By Bradley Butler
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  1. Rachel Bowman   December 3, 2013 at 10:21 am

    I do think black holes are beautiful! Here’s a recent post about black holes and beauty:

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