Britney Spears Deserves Applause and Respect for Renewing Herself

Britney Spears Deserves Applause and Respect for Renewing Herself
Unfortunately, lots of negative publicity seems to be following pop-star Britney Spears around since her resurrection from the terrible turmoil that had led to the mental breakdown she experienced in 2007. These days, Spears actually deserves applause and respect for renewing herself and making a comeback in the likes of what many others simply wish they  could experience.

Back in 2007, Spears was under tremendous pressure to perform up-to-par, not only publicly, but also in her personal and not-so-private life. Spears lost custody of her two little boys, Sean and Jayden, to their father, Kevin Federline, and suffered utter public humiliation. In response, Spears went through a period of complete rebellion against “the norm.”

britney-spears-baldIf we recall, this was who Spears was for that moment in time. Anyone with a bit of compassion would have longed to reach out to Spears at the time and comfort her, if only for a moment. Instead, ridicule and condemnation is what went offered to her through the media frenzy that captured her every move back then.

Her father seemed to have arose to the occasion, and embraced his daughter and undertook the management of her life and other affairs.

Other incidents involving drugs, alcohol, and Federline’s vengeful snubbing of Spears, all culminated to bring Spears to the memorable breaking point. Today we are seeing an entirely new life unfolding for the performer. Granted, that wealth is quite the helpful resource when anyone is trying to make a comeback. Spears hardly finds herself lacking money or influence as the springboard to her latest successes. Nevertheless, with or without that fortunate support, Spears  is still a simple young woman working to enjoy life, anew.

BritneySpearsAlbum-Femme_FataleAlthough reports are saying that Spears’ album is not what fans really want or even where she succeeds.The album has been called  a “snoozefest” and the most “disappointing” release yet. Spears in fact launched Femme Fatale in 2011, upon birthing the new “Britney Jean,” which demonstrates she is no wilted lily, regardless of whom enjoys her new music and whom does not.

Spears has kept herself busy redoing the former Britney Spears. Even as she and Federline now co-parent their sons, Spears does so amicably and pays $20,000 a month in child support. Incidentally, she spent $303,674.00 in 2010 alone, in caring for her boys.

Indeed, Spears has come through the rubble of a sagging career and damaged public image and is moving forward with her own personal life, after the horrific problems in the past had consumed her.



In April this year, she  introduced an addition to her own perfume line, Island Fantasy, and in October she released the Anniversary Edition of the Fantasy fragrance.

Rumor has it that Spears’ father still micro-manages her finances, as if that were a bad thing. Whether the rumor is true or not, is irrelevant. It probably takes an enormous load off her back, to have her father handle the wealth. At least now, no one is her “friend” just for the money and Spears finally gets to find out what living a stable life is really like, be it as a blonde or a brunette.

She now has a new boyfriend, too. His name is David Lucado, he is 30 years old, and he is a lawyer.
BritneySpears-withnewlove-DavidLucadoSpears met Lucado while at a party, she told Ellen DeGeneres. They have been together for eight months now and she is very happy and very much in love with her new beau.  With all of the ups and downs in the life of pop diva Spears, who could ask for more than that!  So, on that note, Britney Spears deserves applause and respect for renewing herself, her personal life and her career. And, oh, how inspiring she is!

Commentary By Christina L. Ibbotson

Washington Post