Britney Spears Hits Vegas With ‘Piece of Me’ Concert Series


Britney Spears’ new concert series Piece of Me premiered Friday night in Las Vegas with Spears hitting all the right notes.

Traditionally, stars who take up residency in Las Vegas are those who are older and looking for a more stable routine, making their fans come to them instead of traveling the globe in an often exhausting tour schedule. As a mother of two sons, Spears may be looking for stability but she certainly does not have many decades to her name at age 32.  However, her number of hit songs speak for themselves and with her fifteen years in the business, she can put on quite a show.

The sold-out crowd that made it to the premiere show in Vegas hardly took their seats at all during the 90 minute performance, only resting their standing legs during three of the slower songs.  Spears’ family, including her mother, father, brother and sister all attended, as did some of her more famous friends, such as Katy Perry, Selena Gomez, and the rabble rousing Miley Cyrus.

Spears started the show by floating down in a sphere made of steel, then began an intense dance sequence supported by 16 other dancers in alien masks.  From there, the sets took over adding production value to the show as Spears danced her heart out with sharp moves and stunning choreography.

In the crowd-favorite Toxic, thunder began the song as the backup dancers writhed on the floor.  A huge tree rolled onto the stage with Spears high up in its branches, which she later jumped from, disappearing into space.

The only complaint heard thus far about Britney Spears’ Vegas Piece of Me concert series has nothing to do with the hit songs Spears performs throughout the night.  Instead, fans wished for Spears to stop performing for a moment and chat with the crowd for a bit more intimacy.  However, Spears claims to be notoriously shy and this show was not far from her other traveling tours when it came to speaking to the crowd.

With today’s technology, another point usually raised has to do with the possibility of lip-syncing, especially in such an action-packed performance where having enough oxygen to breathe can be a problem for the dancers.  Having the air to sing can be a totally different story, but Spears has been giving performances such as this for years now and is likely use to the exertion.  However, it’s obvious from the songs that some sort of digital assistance is used to render the poppy club style heard on Spears’ CDs, just as was used Friday night. Singing in perfect pitch for 90 minutes while working out isn’t something many can do unassisted, but it’s likely the crowd won’t care as they dance the night away.

The concert series will run for two years at the Axis Theater at Planet Hollywood in Vegas with a total of 98 shows.  If this first night is any indication, Britney Spears’ Piece of Me concert series will be a hit not only with fans, but with those who appreciate a good show.

By Marisa Corley

USA Today
LA Times

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