Chicago Girl, 2, Dies as Result of Dog Attack (Update)

chicago A Chicago girl, 2, died as a result of her injuries from a dog attack Saturday afternoon at her grandfather’s home. She was transported to Jackson Park Hospital, where she died. An autopsy completed Sunday showed her death was a result of head injuries.

The two-year-old girl, Jah’niyah White, had been left unattended by her grandfather while he was taking care of her at his South Side home in Chicago. The Cook County Medical Examiner’s office is treating Jah’niyah’s death as a homicide due to the grandfather’s neglect but the grandfather thus far has not been charged with any crime. The police, however, are not treating Jah’niyah’s death as a homicide.

Jah’niyah’s father, John White, 21, reportedly said he was told his daughter’s injuries were the result of a fall. He reportedly said Jah’niyah was a bright girl.

“She talked a lot,” White said. “She liked to play. She knew all the ABCs.”

The Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) is currently investigating charges of abuse by the dead girl’s grandfather. DCFS has had no prior contact with the White family.

In October of this year, three pit bulls attacked a 64-year-old woman while walking her dog on the South Side. The three dogs had escaped from their backyard and tried to attack the woman’s dog. In trying to save her dog, the pit bulls attacked the woman. The woman’s pet Chihuahua died.

In November 2012, a firefighter was found dead inside of her home. She had been bitten on the neck by a mastiff she had been taking care of for a family member. The woman had owned two other dogs, a boxer and a pit bull mix.

Update 12/10/2013:  Chicago’s Department of Animal Care and Control took in two dogs, named “Brownie” and “General Chico,” according to a police report. The family reportedly said both dogs were pit bulls, an adult female and her puppy.

Jah’niyah’s mother, Kashairah Gardner, 20, reportedly said Jah’niyah was not afraid of the dogs. The little girl “was attached to them, and they was attached to her,” Gardner said.

A 50-year-old unidentified man had led the police to the scene of the attack in the bathroom on the third floor of the apartment. Jah’niyah was found on the floor, with a towel around her neck. The man reportedly told police Jah’niyah had been bouncing on the bed when she fell and struck her head on a dresser.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggests following certain guidelines to prevent dog attacks in the home. First, avoid getting a dog with a history of aggression, especially if there are children in the home. If adopting a dog, spend time with it before taking it home, and especially spay or neuter dogs before bringing them home.


  • Petting an unfamiliar dog
  • Disturbing a dog while it is eating, sleeping or caring for puppies
  • Leaving a dog alone with a child or children
  • Teasing a dog
  • Playing aggressively with the dog
  • Putting your face close to a dog’s face
  • Eye contact with the dog

If attacked: 

  • Lie still, putting your arms down your sides. Avoid eye contact with the dog.
  • If knocked to the ground by the dog, curl body into a ball with hands over ears and lie still.
  • When the dog becomes bored, slowly back away until out of the dog’s sight.
  • Do not scream or run.

By Juana Poareo


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