Chris Hadfield Talks China, His Mustache, and Adult Diapers

Chris Hadfield Talks

Former Canadian astronaut and commander of the International Space Station (ISS), Chris Hadfield, is once again in the spotlight. This time he’s not talking to us from above, he’s on the ground talking about China, his moustache, and adult diapers.

Hadfield recently spoke to the The Canadian Press that he thinks all countries should be cooperating with the Chinese since they recently arose to space fame with their successful moon landing of the rover Yutu. Many space experts will also agree with Chris Hadfield’s perspective.

China recently sent their Chang’e 3 lunar lander to the Moon on Dec. 15th. A few weeks later the Chinese were successful in soft-landing on the surface of the Moon and deploying their lunar rover, Yutu. The Guardian Liberty Voice covered the story a few weeks ago with the article, Moon Traffic Just Increased. The landing did cause some controversy and put some questions in the air regarding China’s real motive for landing on and exploring the Moon. This was also publicized in the article, China Moon Landing Raises Big Questions.

Besides China’s recent Moon landing, Hadfield pointed out that China also launched a space station two years ago that will be replaced with one that is more permanent in 2020. This also happens to be the same year that the ISS is scheduled to be decommissioned. Hadfield pointed out that back in September a Chinese astronaut said that China will be opening their space station to foreign astronauts. This is a very welcomed invitation as China is currently barred from the ISS over political differences.

Chris Hadfield Talks
While Chris Hadfield was commander of the ISS he would often demonstrate the effects of living in a anti-gravity environment.

Chris Hadfield had an opportunity to visit the Russian space station, Mir, in 1995. The Russian Mir space station welcomed over 15 foreign astronauts as visitors from its launch in 1986 until it fell from space and hit the ocean in 2001. Hadfield was the only Canadian that was ever aboard Mir throughout his astronaut career that started in 1992, and recently ended after his command of the ISS.

Hadfield thinks that joining China in their future space endeavours will bring great opportunities to other countries and astronauts. He thinks that starting to engage will China and any other countries that are exploring space will be a good move for everyone involved.

Chris Hadfield did not only talk to the media about China recently, he also talked about the origins of his mustache and adult diapers too.

Hadfield’s mustache has nearly become as iconic as the astronaut himself. He said he first grew the mustache when he was at the young age of 18, while he was taking a train to Turkey. At that time, he said that he thought he was I8 and a man, so men grow mustaches. Hadfield said it wasn’t too iconic back then and he referred to his early mustache as being quite pathetic for years.

He only shaved it off once when he was in test pilot school in order to offer moral support to his fellow pilots when they shaved off their mustaches for an annual picture. Nobody seemed too impressed with his clean shaven look, so Hadfield has grown a mustache ever since. He says his wife Helene would also agree he looks better sporting his ‘stache.

Hadfield also has given an interview in Episode 100 of Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy where he spoke on a wide area of topics that included why the recent movie Gravity needed more adult diapers. He also said that he was in agreement with Sandra Bullock saying that anti-gravity was like an amusement park ride.

During the interview Hadfield said that he loves the entertainment value of space productions made for TV or theaters. However, he did say they lacked some reality and slightly glorified the true conditions of a space walk. Hadfield likened the real space walk as going to the gym for 7 straight hours in a rubber suit that was meant for them to relief themselves in. He wasn’t meaning to criticize Hollywood productions for their realism, as he agreed that there was no true way of sensationalising the portrayal of an actor or actress peeling off a soiled rubber suit post space walk. The comment was made after a journalist writing a Chris Hadfield satire was taken incorrectly as being fact by some media. The satire had started a rumor that Hadfield walked out of the movie Gravity, in disgust for the film’s lack of realism. The story was then picked up by Australian journalists that failed to realize its validity nor did they realize that it was actually a satire piece.

One of Canada’s most positive role models and mentors, Chris Hadfield continues to gain fame even after retirement. His book, Chris Hadfield – An Astronaut’s Guide To Life On Earth, has Hadfield doing many book tours and speaking events since he left the ISS command. Not only has he gained more fame by talking about China, his moustache, and adult diapers, his ISS filmed music video Space Oddity continues to attract millions of views.

By Brent Matsalla

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  1. Ibitz   December 29, 2013 at 9:30 pm

    I absolutely have no trust in China. It was Chinese spying that destroyed the Canadian company, Nortel. Spying cheats.

  2. Claude Balloune   December 29, 2013 at 3:08 am

    I gotta start thinkin’ about them adult diapers! I’m in my 70s and who knows.. I may need ’em soon.
    I wonder if my fellow Canadian Hadfield – or better yet, Sandra Bullock – have any advice on how to wear them inconspicuously.

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