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Danielle Steel, best selling author of romance and drama books, has just completed a new project.  Known around the world for her stories of passion, relationships and issues of the heart, Steel has recently ventured into the musical arena.  Steel is releasing her new music CD entitled Love Notes, by Danielle Steel.  Her new labor of love was a joint effort spanning over two and a half years, blending her talents with composers, arrangers, musicians and soloists.

It all happened somewhat by chance over the last few years.  Steel became acquainted with composer and pianist, Jerome Gauthier, through private dinner parties near her home in France, and soon the idea was born.  Collaborating with Gauthier, and other composers, Jerome Durand and Flavien Compagnon, their tunes and Steel’s lyrics fit together like a love affair made in heaven.  Often writing for one another, the group formed a bond of magical music which led to ten songs.

Steel, now 66 and single, has been spending most of her time in France.  The new release, by Red River Entertainment, includes four songs recorded in French and six songs recorded in English, sung by Laurent Ban and Johannah Cantwell.  A special song dedicated to her late son Nick Traina, is simply called Why?  After years of suffering from bi-polar disorder, Traina died at age 19 from a drug over-dose.  The song joins the already published book by Steel, His Bright Light: The Nick Traina Story, and pays tribute to her son.  Proceeds of the book have gone towards the Nick Traina Foundation which benefits organizations aimed at mental illness.

Steel, who has been married more than a couple of times, is an expert when it comes to love and romance.  Throughout her several marriages, Steel became a prolific writer often basing her story lines on nuggets from her own life journeys.  The mother of seven biological children and two step children she helped raise, she miraculously has found time to pen 132 books and counting.  She has always been available for her family, never neglecting holidays celebrations and birthdays.  The entrepreneur works around the clock producing books, movies and a fragrance line, all the while enjoying fine art and fashion.

Throughout her writing life, Steel has used her personal dreams and ambitions, experiences and relationships to build the characters and themes people love to read about.  She knows first hand what is feels like to fall in love, have a broken heart, go through loss and live in an ever changing world.  Now, to set it all to music, seems like a perfect scenario for the queen of amour.

Preferring gowns, jewels and a French bun over jeans and flip-flops, Steel enjoys the finer things in life which she has duly earned through selling over 800 million copies of her books.  She also has written poetry and children’s books, as well as a few non-fiction titles.  A Gift of Hope, telling about her work with the homeless is a recent release along with Pure Joy: The Dogs We Love. 

Steel is the ultimate multi-tasker, juggling family, travel and writing.  Her latest endeavor is sure to be a welcome change of pace reflecting her beautiful words she writes so naturally.  It is no secret that Steel’s unending creative spirit is alive and well.  If her new release of the music CD does as well as her books always do, she will have even more to write about as her life continues to unfold in exciting ways.

By: Roanne H. FitzGibbon


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