Deadly Gunshots Invade Reno Hospital [video]

Two dead and Two Injured as Deadly Shots Were Fired at Reno HospitalSeveral shots were fired at a Reno hospital causing panic and a chaotic experience for many. Tuesday at the Renown Regional Medical Center a gunman opened fire killing one person, injuring two more before turning the gun towards himself to end it all.

According to Reno police, the gunman came in through the Center for Advanced Medicine and Neurology at Renown around 2:45 p.m. and began shooting. Everything transpired so quickly that the suspect had already killed himself by 3:00 p.m.

Daranda Cone, local resident, said she was on her way to her doctor’s appointment when the shooting started. Cone said she saw a woman being hurried past her in route to the emergency room covered in blood.

State Senator Debbie Smith was at the campus for a meeting and was on her way out when the shooting took place. She said was stuck inside of a building on the northwest side of the hospital. She was overheard on the phone saying she was in a building across from the parking lot where she had encountered SWAT team guys who told her they were not letting anyone leave. Senator Smith said law enforcement was guarding the door and told her she should plan to remain there for at least an hour.

A worker from the urology department named Carlotta Reid called her husband in a panic after she heard the shots go off. John rushed right over to the hospital to make sure his wife was fine.

Gail Powell, spokeswoman for the Department of Public Safety, said that a female doctor was wounded but she didn’t know about anyone else’s status at the time. Powell said she had no knowledge of a motive or the type of weapon the gunman used.

Initially police reported that the gunman shot four people before he shot himself but they later corrected their statement and said he killed one person, wounded two and then committed suicide.

Within two hours the hospital had posted an update on its website confirming that operations had returned to normal at the main hospital. They also noted that police were still investigating the shooting; but were in an office on another side of the campus.

In northern Nevada Renown Regional Medical Center is the largest hospital. This facility is no stranger to tragedies; it has played a major role in responding to several recent tragedies in northern Nevada such as a rampage in 2011 at a Carson City restaurant that killed three uniformed Nevada National Guard members and a crash the same year at a Reno air race that killed 11 people.

The Center for Advanced Medicine is a modern four-story building which connects the hospital to a parking structure by a second-floor walkway.

Governor Brian Sandoval used social media to spread the word that he and his staff were monitoring the events of the afternoon and said his prayers and thoughts were with the people affected by this tragic situation.

Police say once they received the call they were on the scene within five minutes. They immediately started searching floor-by-floor for the shooter.

Tom Robinson, Reno Deputy Chief, spoke during a live press conference assuring everyone that the building had been secured and was now safe. He told the media that everyone was accounted for and no officers had been involved in the shooting.

The injured parties were being treated at the Renown Regional Medical Center and at the time of the press conference one of them was still in surgery.

Robinson said the investigation was still going on and they were in the process of interviewing nearly two dozen witnesses in hopes of gathering more information

Several shots were fired on Tuesday at the Renown Regional Medical Center as a gunman opened fire killing one person, injuring two more before turning the gun towards himself to end it all with a self-inflicted gunshot.

This caused panic for many as the hospital was locked down amid the chaos. Law enforcement rushed to the scene as more than three dozen police cars, including SWAT team vehicles engulfed the sprawling medical complex.



by: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)

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