Demi Lovato Survives Cocaine Abuse, Alcoholism, and Eating Disorder

Demi Lovato

Who knew Demi Lovato would speak out, as she survives cocaine abuse, alcoholism, bipolar, and an eating disorder? The X factor judge recently described in an interview with Hollywood Access, that her cocaine addiction was so bad, that she was unable to go longer than 30 minutes to an hour without using the drug, and how she managed to keep it a secret from everyone around her.

She stated that it was at the age of 19 that she hit rock-bottom. In her younger years, the star also had a constant battle with bipolar and an eating disorder. However, it was when she began drinking at nine in the morning, and sneaking cocaine onto the plane with her, which she would take sitting in her first-class seat when everyone else had gone to sleep, that she realized how bad things had got.

As Demi Lovato survives cocaine, alcoholism, bipolar and her eating disorder, she commented upon the fact she managed to hide  her additions from everyone, even people who were sober. At around eight years old, the Disney star started starving herself or throwing up what she had eaten. It got to a point when all she could produce was blood, and it was then that she decided to change before she died.

Demi LovatoA similar thing happened with her alcohol and cocaine addiction. Demi stated that she realized what she was doing, and she did not want to be one of the many celebrities who take a downward spiral into self-destruction.

Numerous female celebrities over the years have tackled with addiction, whether it be to drugs, alcohol, or eating disorders. Celebrity Drew Barrymore was also victim to drug abuse at an early age, with two trips back to rehab that finally motivated her to change and focus on her career. Mary-Kate Olsen suffered from anorexia and a cocaine addiction which lumped her in rehab. Lindsay Lohan is also another star to found a cocaine and alcohol addiction, which even left her carrying out a jail sentence, and Mischa Barton got more press from her possession of marijuana and DUI, than she did for her acting.

Both Demi Lovato, and young celebrities like Miley Cyrus, have participated in drug-use. Cyrus herself made this very clear when she sparked up a joint at the recent  awards ceremony in Amsterdam. Young celebrities are particularly prone to straying away from the virtuous path. However, it has been debated whether this is due to fame, or  merely circumstance. For example, Demi’s mum also suffered from an eating disorder. Therefore, her fame at a young age may not be the only instigator, if one at all, to explain the addiction.

As Demi Lovato survives cocaine, alcoholism, bipolar and an eating disorder, her fans, family, and friends remain loyal, and many give praise for her strength to overcome her struggles. Her celebrity pal Selena Gomez, has been one of the first to come forward and show support for her friend during difficult times.


By Melissa McDonald



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