Drone Testing Confirmed for Six Sites: Step Closer to Unmanned Aircrafts

drone testingThe United States is taking another step closer to unmanned aircrafts after the Federal Aviation Administration confirms six sites for drone testing. These sites are Nevada, Alaska, North Dakota, Virginia, Texas and New York.

The FAA has announced that the purpose of the testing is to make sure unmanned aircrafts will be safe for passengers. Currently the military uses them for various patrols, but they will be useful for farmers, businessmen, and governmental agencies. Some universities around the country are looking into expanding their production capabilities.

Each area has its own climate, which is perfect for testing. There is also the factor of already congested airspace, which may be useful for testing.

However, the FAA are still to allow unmanned drones for commercial reasons. Due to the changes to drone testing, the administration is looking into changing guidelines by 2015, but the project will likely take longer.

There have been studies into the use of drones, and the affect it will have on the United States. One study made the prediction that 70,000 jobs would be created but the government needs to relax the restrictions. This same study predicted that the salary of a controller of the drones would be as much as $115,000 per year.

The confirmation of the six drone testing sites is just one step closer to unmanned commercial aircrafts. More needs to be done, but it is a possibility for the future.

By Alexandria Ingham


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