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Facebook released the trending topics for their 2013 year in review. Robert D’Onofrio, Facebook’s Data Editor, discussed the many topics discussed on the largest social media site. From people, moments and places – millions of people took to their status to share with the world, or just selected friends. Curious about the trending topics?

Most Talked About Topic in the United States

Facebook 2013 Trending Topics for Year in ReviewSports lead the pack of the most talked about topics on Facebook for 2013, namely the Super Bowl. The 2013 Super Bowl reported over 100 million Americans were attached to their television during the sporting event. The Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers dominated the field in a suspenseful filled game. It was the Ravens who claimed victory over the 49ers in a 34-31 win. Both of these team attributed to a topic so trendy it dominated Facebook throughout the year.

Leading Life Event in the United States on Facebook

One would think having a baby or moving would top the list. Remarkably it was the simplest life event on the social media platform: Added a Relationship. This connection shows that relatives are bonding more and more everyday on Facebook 2013 Trending Topics for Year in ReviewFacebook. Millions of users edited their About Me, to connect mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, cousins and etc. The growing trend of tagging family members allows a digital family tree to grow and blossom.

Just last month an Indiana woman took to her Facebook status to search for her biological mother. Within 36 hours and many shares later, Elizabeth Boys received a message from her biological brother. The site has been commended for linking biological families and finding long-lost loves and friends over time. An absolutely heart-warming trend to add to the trending topics for the 2013 year in Facebook’s review.

The Country with the Most Check-ins

Facebook 2013 Trending Topics for Year in ReviewAs many times as people may see family and friends checking in at the local gym, the burrito shop or an oddly named club – the United States actually falls to the bottom of the list. Leading the way with check-in happy citizens is Argentina, notably Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires. Based on the stunning architecture, towering buildings and that stunning bridge – the check-in leader is certainly worth its brag rights. After all who wants to see more Ohio pictures? (I plead the fifth!) Out of the list of 40 listed countries, the United States was listed at number 40 for check-ins. Seems like boosting the awareness of the country will be needed to make it to the top three in 2014.

Miley Cyrus Loses to Religion for Most Talked About Topic Person

The twerk happy pop princess may be pouting this morning. Not only did more people talk about Pope Francis, who was number one – but millions more discussed Facebook 2013 Trending Topics for Year in Reviewthe Royal baby over Miley. She came in seventh place in the top 10 list of most talked about Facebook topics for 2013.

The Holiness Pope Francis has been a surprising addition to Vatican City. He has a Twitter page (no joke, can be searched@Pontifex) and he seems more personable from previously selected Popes. Pope Francis doesn’t follow a political ideology, no matter the pundits who want to paint him that way – he stands for traditionalism. This concept varies as many expect him to select a political stance which hasn’t been seen, yet. The Pope has created an interest in religion and it seems millions of people rather discuss his papal exhortation over Miley’s twerk fest.

Facebook Trends Wrap-up

It’s been a busy year for the over 1 billion users of the largest social media platform. Many have shared their innermost feelings, to some crazy picture and then some. See the link at the end of this article to receive a personal snapshot of a year in review. Facebook released their 2013 trending topics for year in review and it revealed some interesting information. What have been some statuses or trends noted personally? Share in the comments.


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