Five Shocking Moments of 2013

2013Ready to start the countdown to the new year 2014? First, let’s take a look at some surprising–some shocking–celebrity moments this year before we say hasta la vista to 2013.

  1. Reese Witherspoon gets arrested for disorderly conduct. In Witherspoon’s case, she should’ve stayed in the car. In April 2013, in Atlanta, she was the passenger in the car with her husband, Jim Toth, who was driving with an alcohol limit of .139. While the cop talked with her husband, handcuffed him and ordered Witherspoon to stay in the car, she didn’t listen. Instead, she got out of the car and started throwing her celebrity name around, reportedly telling the officer, “Do you know my name?”
  2. Amanda Bynes has a breakdown. The year 2013 was not Bynes’s year. In July, she was placed on an involuntary psychiatric hold (5010) after tweeting profanities to singer Drake and others, and walking in a daze on the streets of New York, wearing wild-colored wigs. After an arrest for drug possession and a stint in rehabilitation, Bynes is now living with her parents and reportedly looking forward to furthering her education in fashion. 2013
  3. Angelina Jolie announces she had a double mastectomy. In May 2013, Jolie published a piece in The New York Times called “My Medical Choice,” in which she explained she carries a faulty BRCA1 gene, which increases the potential for developing breast cancer. Therefore, she made the tough decision to have a double mastectomy. Fans were shocked to learn that not only did Jolie have a double mastectomy but she also underwent reconstructive surgery and will undergo a hysterectomy. Jolie wanted to tell her story so women could become more aware about breast cancer and test whether they have the BRCA1 gene. There’s been some confusion about the gene, however, and whether Jolie’s story is really educating women in a clear manner. 2013
  4. Julianne Hough makes herself up as a black person for Halloween. It may have been a grave misstep but one that professional dancer Hough should have considered before going black face, even if it was for Halloween. Wearing black face is never funny, and no one was amused by Hough when she stepped out dressed as Crazy Eyes from the Netflix series Orange is the New Black. Costume or not, the public’s outrage forced Hough to issue an apology, in which she said she didn’t mean any disrespect, and that her costume was meant to show her appreciation for the Crazy Eyes’ character portrayed by actress Uzo Aduba.
  5. 2013
  6. Nigella Lawson is photographed getting choked by husband Charles Saatchi. Celebrity chef Lawson is not as famous in the States as she is in the UK, but when she was seen having what appeared to be an argument with her art mogul husband Saatchi in June 2013, at their favorite restaurant in London, the “hand around her throat” photos flooded the media, and Lawson immediately went into hiding. After a brief investigation, Saatchi was issued a “caution,” meaning he would not be arrested or charged. In his own defense, Saatchi claimed, “There was no grip, it was a playful tiff.” The photos set off an intense dialogue online about domestic violence and abuse. Lawson moved out of the family home in Chelsea, and filed for divorce shortly thereafter.2013

What celebrity moments shocked you this year? Leave a comment and tell us!

By Juana Poareo

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