Florida Escape Leads to Six Arrests

FloridaTwo prisoners escaped a Florida prison in September and October. Joseph Jenkins and Charles Walker were convicted of two separate murders at separate times but allegedly worked together, with four people outside of prison, to get out. This Florida escape will lead to six arrests; two of those being the convicted murderers.

The pair apparently used documents that had been forged. Jenkins walked out of the  Frankling Correctional Institution on September 27, with Walker following him on October 8. Authorities explained that the documents looked real, but on closer inspection the signatures on all were faked. One signature was of Judge Blevin Perry, the state attorney for the Orlando area.

Police captured the two murderers on October 19 when they stopped at a Panama City Beach motel, just two hours away from the prison. The authorities have confirmed that the two pulled off their escape due to help inside and outside of the institution.

A new conference has been planned for 3pm ET on Thursday December 19 to explain the situation and the Florida escape which will lead to six arrests in total.

By Alexandria Ingham


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