Galaxy Note 3 Wireless Charging S-View Flip Cover Now Available

Galaxy Note 3 Wireless Charger Now Available

If you’ve ever wanted to both protect your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and also charge it wirelessly, then you just might want to pick up the company’s Galaxy Note 3 Wireless Charging S-View Flip Cover from their online store. The new accessory for their phone/tablet hybrid, or phablet, costs approximately $70 ($69.99), and it just might become the latest Must-Have for Galaxy Note 3 owners.

Earlier in 2013, Samsung Electronics began selling their Galaxy Note 3 S-View Flip Cover, which served to protect the Galaxy Note 3. The new Galaxy Note 3 Wireless Charging S-View Flip Cover is very similar, but it also will charge your phablet wirelessly.

There’s a small window on the front of the accessory so that you can check notifications, see the time and date, browse among your music files, use the camera, and accept or reject phone calls — all without the need of opening up the cover. The back of the case takes the place of the Galaxy Note 3’s battery cover and charges it wirelessly without the necessity of using a Qi-compatible charging pad.

You can purchase the new Galaxy Note 3 Wireless Charging S-View Flip Cover in either white or black from made of what they call polyurethane leather. You can buy one that matches the color of your Galaxy Note 3, or go for the “panda effect” of getting a color of the opposite hue.

The price tag might seem a bit high, but if you compare it to the cost of an Otter Box for iPhones (approximately $40, though prices vary) which offers protection but doesn’t charge the iPhone, it’s not that bad of a deal.

Of course, you can still charge the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 without purchasing the new Galaxy Note 3 Wireless Charging S View Flip Cover, but the new accessory will give you the added convenience of protecting your Galaxy Note 3 from getting scratched as well as allowing you to use your phablet while it is charging.

Samsung Electronics has offered at their online store and retail outlets a S View Flip Cover and wireless charging back separately, but now they have combined the two accessories into one with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Wireless Charging S View Flip Cover. It’s available direct from Samsung for any of their Galaxy Note 3 devices.

So far, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is the only Samsung smartphone/tablet that offers the convenience of both a cover and a built-in wireless charging device in one accessory. Possibly, Samsung will offer a similar accessory with the advent of the Galaxy S4, but they might decide to wait until the upcoming release of the Samsung Galaxy S5.

If you are an owner of a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 device, and would like to both protect and charge you new phablet wirelessly, then the Galaxy Note 3 Wireless Charging S View Flip Cover is a purchase that you might want to consider making.

Written by: Douglas Cobb