Hate Crime Charge For Texas Man Who Proves a Theory About Racism [Correction]

Is the knockout game a hate crime or is it not?

CORRECTION: The Texas man involved in this incident was 27 years old. Although the article states this fact, the man was wrongly described throughout as a “teen.” The word has now been taken out with apologies from the writer. The point of the editorial, however, remains unchanged. The original article, with the correction, appears below.

A Texas man decided to prove a theory about the infamous “knockout game” and is now facing a hate crime charge. The brave mainstream media – in its unrelenting quest to ignore the truth – has said almost nothing about the game that has now caught on in many areas of the country. The game involves one or, usually, more youths attacking a random victim with the objective of knocking them out with one punch.

The media has largely declined to report on the game for one simple reason; in almost every case, the perpetrators have been black and the victims white or Hispanic – and, in one or two cases, orthodox Jews. This, of course, does not fit the narrative of the liberal media. So long as the nation continues to have to tolerate a biracial President posing as a black man, the media groupies have to keep stoking the idea that racism is a major problem in this country so that they can continue to accuse anyone who criticizes this President of being racist.

Suddenly, a white Texas man hits a black man and the story is one of the biggest of the day; suddenly, we are hearing about hate crime; suddenly we are hearing about long prison sentences. This “game” has been played numerous times, across the country; more than one death has been attributed to it. Now, however, the media is acting as if this is the first incident.

Suddenly, the knockout game is important. When whites where being targeted by blacks, no-one cared, but now that the table has turned, the world is about to come to an end. The man from Texas, 27-year-old Conrad Alvin Barnett, knew this. It appears he was trying to prove a theory about racism and he succeeded. The Houston man recorded words on a cell phone, prior to the attack; he allegedly said “The plan is to see if I were to hit a black person, would this be nationally televised?”

White-on-black crime in the United States – although a very small percentage of all crime committed – is spotlighted far more than any other crime; When George Zimmerman, a Hispanic dubbed “white” by the media, shot and killed black teenager Trayvon Martin in a clear case of self-defense, as determined in a court of law, the nation briefly went up in flames. Had Zimmerman been black or had Martin been white, no-one outside the immediate families would have ever heard the names of either of these men. There was much talk of the shooting being a hate crime, which demonstrates how sick American society has become.

At the same time, hundreds of black youths, including very young children, were being gunned down on an almost daily basis on the streets of gun-free Chicago. They, however, were all killed by other blacks, so their deaths were simply not important or newsworthy.

Every crime is a hate crime. Skin color is irrelevant. Only in a truly sick and dying society would people choose to judge the severity of a crime by the race of those involved.

Barnett was clearly trying to make a point – and he made it. The way he chose to make the point is disturbing and speaks to a certain level of intelligence. Barnett has no legitimate moral defense for his actions and most rational people would argue that he deserves to be punished for an unprovoked physical assault on an innocent person. The case needs to be put into perspective, however; one would think that Barnett had committed mass murder when one looks at the amount of coverage this case is getting. He certainly should be punished, but only to the same level that anyone other person, black or white, would be, for the same crime.

The Justice Department, lead by known liar, racist and criminal Eric Holder, has jumped in with federal charges against Barnett. The same Justice Department that declined to bring charges against members of the New Black Panthers after they were filmed outside a polling station brandishing weapons; the same Justice Department that ran illegal guns to Mexican organized crime – headed by the same Attorney General who lied to Congress; the same Justice Department that has, thus far, chosen to ignore the knockout game.

There are several other questions surrounding this case; is Barnett actually a racist? If he is, there is actually no law against it. Is Barnett having mental issues? He is allegedly bipolar, which in no way excuses his behavior.

The real question all Americans – and particularly the cowards in the mainstream media – should be asking themselves, however, is this: Is there no longer equal justice for all? Is a crime now considered more or less serious, depending upon the race of the perpetrators and their victims? There is no question about whether or not Barnett should be punished for his actions; there is a question about why this young man is facing a more severe punishment purely because of the color of his skin. It appears that this Texas man has proven a theory about racism in America.

Editorial by Graham J Noble

USA Today
Human Events