Justin Bieber Quitting Music for Golf? (Video)

Justin Bieber Quitting Music Do Not Belieb It (Video)

So Justin Bieber is quitting music for golf?  Probably not, the announcement was made during a radio interview and if you pay close attention to the video below, all the clues point to the possibility that Justin is kidding. The 19 year-old popstar has a wicked sense of humor and he has shown it to good advantage on a number of Funny or Die videos. Bieber after the Dentist, for example, has Justin doing a parody of David After Dentist:

Justin’s version was uploaded in 2010; two years after the original YouTube video about young David’s reaction to his tooth removal in 2008.

Of course as a singer who got his start on Youtube Justin does do quite a few funny videos in what appears to be nod to the medium that got him on his way in show business. There are a large number of videos that feature the Canadian singer doing his version of the O.M.G. Cat and several different versions of Bieber being shot by a number of different people. Folks as diverse as Owen Wilson and Danny Trejo as Machete all get a chance to bloodily dispatch a pistol wielding Justin.

As the Justin has gotten older, his humor has popped up a notch or two. That bit more sophisticated and he appears to be working on his “deadpan” delivery. So is he really quitting music and show business to play golf?  The common sense answer would be no.  The teenage singing star is just showing his comedy chops.

Earlier this year he did another video for Funny or Die; the channel that has features classically funny videos featuring stars from across show business. Michael Shannon Reads the Insane Delta Gamma Sorority Letter, a hysterically funny and comically menacing interpretation of a sorority house leader’s “reaming” out of her sisters. iSteve, the funny iBio of Steve Jobs presented as a feature length film starring Justin Long as the late Apple leader. These are just two shining examples of the type humor available on this site.

The latest Bieber video was uploaded in September 2013 was Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis: Justin Bieber. Galifianakis has what can be best described as a series on Funny or Die and the Hangover I,II and III star is brilliantly funny as the inept, opinionated, bored and insultive talk show host.

In the Bieber episode, Zach is openly hostile and derogatory to Justin. At one point, after telling the young star to wear his jeans properly, he takes off his belt and gives the seated singer a whipping. Throughout the entire video Bieber keeps a straight face and never reacts to any of the crazy antics that Galifianakis comes up with. Take a look:

As evidenced by Bieber’s masterful “non-reaction” to Zach’s tirade, he has gotten very good at “working” a comic gag. While most media publications like to point out all the negative publicity that the young star has been generating, it is easy to forget that Justin is capable of much more than getting in trouble.

Aside from doing good things for his devoted followers, like being the first recording artist to grant 200 wishes to young fans in the Make-A-Wish foundation, or giving money to various charities that Bieber makes a point of not mentioning. Sure Justin has done some things that are not shining examples of how to behave, but, he is still a teenager and at 19, he is not perfect.

He is, though, pretty darn good at comedy. His radio interview with the crew at LA’s Power 106 was played completely straight, although he did allow himself one little smile, but only after talking about golf. That’s right, golf. Justin Bieber is quitting music and show business to play golf.   Just watch the video and you will see, he doesn’t mean it.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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