Kim Kardashian Accused of Keeping Charitable Contributions

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian Accused of Keeping Charitable Contributions

Kim Kardashian is no stranger to public criticism and the latest comes in the form of accusations that she is keeping money for herself that should be donated to charity.  Last month, Kim Kardashian opened up her closet to auction off clothing using the ebay charity auction format, ebay Giving Works, purportedly to benefit victims of typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. To be deemed a charity auction on ebay GIving Works,  a minimum of ten per cent of the proceeds must be donated to the identified charity and that is just what Kim Kardashian donated, the minimum.

The terms of Kim Kardashian’s ebay Giving Works auction did clearly specify that it would be just a portion of the proceeds from the auction that would be donated to typhoon victims in the Philippines, however, some say that isn’t enough.  Twitter followers were abuzz with the news that only ten per cent of the proceeds were actually being donated to charity. The criticism seems to have been mounted on two fronts.

The first angle of criticism is that generally when a person sees an auction designating that the proceeds will go to charity, even if it specifies that it will only be a portion of the proceeds, an assumption is made that it will be more than a measly ten per cent.  Therefore making it misleading to the public. The second  angle of attack is that Kim Kardashian has a personal net worth of 40 million dollars, is engaged to a multi-millionaire, Kanye West, and that it is wrong for someone so wealthy to use a charity auction only to get even richer.

Supporters of Kim Kardashian have come to her defense stating that no matter what she does she comes under attack, even when she is trying to do something to benefit others. A Kim Kardashian rep has said that Kim Kardashian gives ten per cent of absolutely everything she earns back to charity. This was not her first ebay Giving Works auction event to benefit charity either and her reported per cent of proceeds donated to charity has been consistently set at ten per cent across all auctions yet, she has not been widely accused of keeping charitable contributions in the past. Some fans say that she should be praised for any contributions at all, as she is under no obligation to give anything. Others in the Kim Kardashian camp have also clarified that she does not, in fact, get to keep the entirety of the remaining 90 per cent of charitable auction proceeds as there are auction fees and fees associated with payment that come out of that 90 per cent as well.

Ebay Giving Works was established to allow users to sell items on the auction site and donate a designated percentage of proceeds from those sales to the charity of their choice.  To date it has raised over $350,000,000. It has become a popular site for celebrities to sell a wide range of items to earn money for charities over the past several years particularly through its specified ebay celebrity area.  Among the other celebrities making use of ebay Giving Works auctions are Seth Rogen, Christina Aguilera and Ellen Degeneres.  Kim Kardashian’s sisters Kourtney and Khloe have also made charitable contributions through use of the site, though it seems accusations of keeping charitable contributions have landed solely on the most famous of the sisters, Kim Kardashian.

By Michele Wessel


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