Lindsay Lohan Should Give Thanks to GTA V Rather than Suing Them

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan should give thanks to GTA V, if the images she claims looks like her, is actually based on the star rather than suing them. The woman in the video game is sexy with a great body and flawless complexion – three things that Lohan is missing.

The characters in the game look like many celebrities, and it is baffling that she is going to try and sue Rockstar Games. Although many details do match up with her own, like her similar cellphone, and a hotel that looks like the one Lohan used to stay in, these grounds are surely not concrete enough to sue Rockstar on. It is almost humorous that she is going to do such a thing.

Lindsay Lohan

The image of the woman above in fact looks more like Kate Upton, an American model and actress. Their likeness is uncanny, and the picture is in a similar setting to the picture taken of her on a beach. Lohan should be pleased if the images are based on her and thank GTA V, because if they are, Rockstar have been extremely flattering. Her real appearances have been decaying for a while now from drug and alcohol abuse, and also plastic surgery.

However, she insists the game uses her likeness and has ordered lawyers to write up a lawsuit. She is now seeking payment for her image in the game. Somehow, the image at the end of her pending actions, does not look like a big fat payment, but rather heaps of embarrassment.

Lindsay LohanLindsay Lohan must be extremely self-assured to think the image is based solely on her. Granted, there are other images in the game that could resemble an inch of her features. Or maybe that likeness is more to do with the police behind her that are putting her into handcuffs. However, again she should be thanking Rockstar for doing her more than justice, because these characters have no baggy eyes or swollen face, they have gorgeous glowing locks and airbrushed bodies, and do not look like they should be put back into rehab.

It is impossible for Lindsay Lohan to produce solidified evidence that these images are based on her. It is true that her career has almost totally crashed and burned, despite still having many fans. She probably needs the money and has seen this as a quick payment without having to work for it.

The video above shows the many changing faces of Lindsay Lohan over the years. She has transformed, but not in a good way! Alcohol and drug abuse have clearly taken their toll. She has lost her beautiful looks that she had in the prime of her career, and now appears haggered and quite frankly, rather scary looking. Maybe the images in GTA V could have been based on a younger version of herself. However, with her current looks it is very doubtful that she can claim Rockstar have used her as an inspiration for their characters.

If anything, the star should thank GTA V. The images have taken kind to another magnitude if they are based on her.


By Melissa McDonald