Lindsay Lohan Vs Paris Hilton: Round One to Lindsay

Lindsay Lohan Vs Paris Hilton

It looks like there is a new feud in town as Lindsay Lohan vs Paris Hilton round one leaves an “innocent” bystander with cuts and bruises and a quick trip to the hospital.It also looks like the first round goes to Lindsay. Of course the 27 year-old star of The Canyons and the 32 year-old Hilton have had a rocky relationship for a while now. This time, however, it looks like LiLo wasn’t going after Paris.

Hilton’s 19 year-old little brother got himself in a little bit of bother this morning after reportedly dissing Lohan at a party last night. Lindsay attended the party that, reportedly, had copious amounts of cocaine and alcohol which Lohan allegedly did not touch. Apparently being straight and sober at the bash allowed the star to hear Barron talking trash to Lindsay’s newest boyfriend.

The party, that lasted till the early morning light, saw the “sober” Lohan approaching the teenage Hilton to take him to task for bad-talking her. She went on the warpath and brought some muscle along to help prove her point.

Lohan sicced her male friend onto Barron and he began to beat the teen while Lindsay allegedly started screaming at him that this was what he got for dissing her at the party. The 19 year-old brother of Paris Hilton got roughed up enough that he went to the hospital for treatment.

Michael Lohan swears that his little girl had nothing to do with Barron’s “smack-down.” According to Daddy Lohan, Lindsay left the party well before it ended. He also swears that she did not touch any of the coke or booze at the party. Apparently Paris doesn’t believe Michael.

Once Hilton learned of the attack she said that nobody “f**ks” with her family. Lohan has been keeping a low profile since the attack. Police tried twice to question Lindsay at her hotel, but, each time law officials turned up, she fled the area. This latest Lindsay Lohan vs Paris Hilton feud, round one, goes to Lindsay. Even though the victim in this round was Barron Hilton.

Bad blood has existed between Paris and Lindsay since 2006. Apparently, after being egged on by Ms Hilton, Brandon Davis went into a foul-mouthed rant about Lohan which included “sexual and hygienic” comments about LiLo. Not too surprisingly the remarks and Hilton’s part in the verbal attack did not go down very well with Lohan.

Despite Michael Lohan’s assertions that his daughter had nothing to do with Barron’s beating, the teen has allegedly pressed charges. Although police have not questioned Lohan due to her continued disappearing act. Still, Lindsay did not lay a manicured finger on Hilton. Barron said that she instigated the assault by “dancing” around the thug and pushing him to punish her target.

The interesting thing about this situation is Poppa Lohan’s claims that not only did Lindsay not help herself to the cocaine and alcohol on offer, but, she also kicked some of the “druggies” out. If that information is true, it puts Lohan in a different light.

Of course being “Ms Clean” at the party does not mean that she did not orchestrate the physical punishment of Barron Hilton. Lindsay has been at rock bottom way too often and hopefully she has not gotten back on the old substance abuse train. Until she tells authorities her version of events, it doesn’t look too good for the film star.

It looks like another Lindsay Lohan vs Paris Hilton feud is on the horizon. Round one has seemingly gone to Lindsay leaving Paris on a vengeful quest to punish the female who set up her brother as a punching bag. The score so far is Lohan one – Hilton zero. Both fighters have returned to their respective corners and await the bell to come out swinging. Round two is about to begin.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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