Miley Cyrus Is 2013

Miley Cyrus is 2013

Miley Cyrus, the 20-year-old former Hannah Montana star, kept the ball rolling this year with her countless antics. Despite what anyone may think about Cyrus and her antics, there is no denying that she was successful in keeping her name in everyone’s mouth recently. Scantily clad, with her tongue out, Miley Cyrus may not have won Times Magazines coveted Person of the Year title, but she definitely owned 2013.

In August Cyrus shocked fans with a performance at the MTV Video Music Award. During the show Cyrus introduced many to twerking, as she twerked her way on and off the stage. She even twerked on fellow performer Robin Thicke.

Miley then proceeded to shock the world at the 2013 MTV Europe Music Awards which was held in Amsterdam. At the award show the singer and actress graced the red carpet with very little dress. She then opened up the show with a performance of her hit song, We Can’t Stop. Dressed in a shiny silver dress Miley descended onto the stage from a space ship. She then proceeded to sing, and twerk her way to what appeared to be an out of space bar. The night didn’t stop there. Miley topped of the night with an acceptance speech for Best Video for Wrecking Ball. It was not exactly the contents of the speech that raised heads but what the star was doing while on the stage. While speaking, the pop star pulled out what appeared to be a rolled up joint, and proceeded to light it up.

The Wrecking Ball video, which showcased a nude Cyrus swinging back and forth on a wrecking ball, stirred up some controversy. It even inspired students at a college to create similar videos of their own prompting the school to remove a wrecking ball that had been an integral part of the school’s landscape. If Wrecking Ball was not controversial enough, there is no doubt that Cyrus’ recent video for Adore You will be. Wearing only a bra and panties, the star appears to be pleasuring herself, as she seductively looks into the camera.

The name Miley Cyrus has become very controversial in 2013. In the past the name brought to mind the image of an all American, wholesome girl. But to critics the star has changed drastically.

According to Miley and her supporters, she is just having fun. She believes that she is going through a process of self discovery, which just happens to be unfolding before the public’s eyes. Over all, Miley is doing what she loves the most, she is entertaining.

There is something Miley’s critics did not understand in the beginning of this year, but may now; that is, that every move the young star makes during her performances is all part of the act. Her antics are entertaining and that is why so many people view her shows or listen to her music.

It is why 15 million people follow her on Twitter, and why she has an album that debuted with more than 150,000 copies sold.

Of course there are other stars who hit it big this year but, as 2013 closes, it is Miley Cyrus’ name that has remained on everyone’s lips. Essentially, 2013 belongs to her.

By Earnestine Jones

U.S. Magazine


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