New York Man and Son Fall to Deaths

New York Man and Son Fall to Deaths

A New York man, age 35, and his son, age three, both fell to their deaths from a Manhattan apartment building on Sunday afternoon, The New York City Police Department stated as they began to investigate what had caused the tragedy.

Police authorities stated they received an emergency call about two people getting ready to jump from the South Park Tower at 124 West 60th Street, it has 52 floors. It is on the Upper West Side and is just a short distance from Lincoln Center and Columbus Circle.

Investigators arrived at the area about 12 p.m. to find the man and child on rooftops of two separate buildings that were close by, but connected to South Park Tower. They pronounced the father dead at the scene. The child, who had originally survived the fall, died later at the hospital to which he was taken, police stated. The identities of the two individuals have not been released to the public as of yet.

The conditions surrounding the fall are as of yet unclear. The NYPD states they believe the father did not live in South Park Tower, nor do they know how he was able to get into the building.

A witness stated that he was at the hospital where the paramedics took the small child, and that they were working hard on him, pumping on his chest, when they brought him in. He added that it was obvious the child was dying. Police explained that the father was still on the roof when the child was taken to the hospital. The witness added that the entire scene was very heartbreaking. He stated that everyone did the very best that they could do. They really tried hard to save the little boy.

The New York police who were on the scene looking into the deaths left South Park Tower by the middle of the afternoon. They did take pictures of a gray Lexus which was parked nearby. It is unknown if the car belonged to the deceased man or not.

While there, they were also working on trying to figure out exactly which floor the two individuals fell from. Police also want to know how the father was able to gain access to the building, because witnesses stated they did not believe he lived there. However, they were unsure about the little boy and if he lived there or not. Each individual was found on inner landings which are not visible from the outside sidewalk.

Residents of South Park Tower stated that they were both saddened and shocked by the tragic events of the day.

One individual stated that it was heartbreaking and sad that there was no one to stop them from jumping, no one to say that tomorrow was another day. He added how things could have been different if the father would have waited only 24 hours more, maybe things would have been different in his life.

The unnamed New York man and his young son both fell to their deaths on Sunday afternoon. This tragedy remains under investigation.

By Kimberly Ruble


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