Paris Hilton Warns Lindsay Lohan After Brother’s Attack

Paris HiltonParis Hilton is often in the news for her controversial actions and run-ins with the law. However, this week she shows just how protective she is of her family. After her little brother was attacked, Hilton warns Lindsay Lohan to “watch out”.

Barron Hilton was sent to hospital, where he posted a photo of the damage done to his face on Instagram. According to Mr. Hilton, the man who attacked him was hired by Lohan. He is so sure that it was the Freaky Friday star that he is planning on taking her to court. His elder sister made it clear that she was out for revenge, commenting on the photo that “no-one f**** with my family and gets away with it.”

Ray Lemoine, the man who allegedly attacked Hilton, claims that Lohan did not arrange for him to beat the man up. He claims that Hilton refused to leave the house that they were both at and started the fight. Lemoine was acting out of self-defense. Hilton pulled the “do you know who I am” trick, but Lemoine did not care. When Lemoine refused to let him past, the fight broke out.

To defend herself, Lohan claimed that she was nowhere near the incident. However, a video has since be posted online showing that she was in fact at the party, and was confronted by Hilton and his friends just after Lemoine’s attack. Miss. Hilton has now warned Lohan that she better watch her back after the attack on her brother.

According to sources at the party, the 24-year-old Hilton was speaking negatively about Lohan. Could it just be a coincidence that he was found beaten shortly after those words? He believes that the star, who is also looking into suing GTV creators, orchestrated the whole attack.

When speaking to the police, Mr. Hilton also claimed that Lohan was encouraging her friend to beat him up. He did not know the name of his attacker.

However, there are witnesses to support Lohan’s story. Michael Lohan explained that his daughter was not at the party at the time. She is trying to clean up her image, and spent the night removing anyone with drugs, causing violence, and anything else that could damage her image further. Several security guards and witnesses can support this. However, the video after the fight shows that she is there. Could she have returned to the scene just afterwards?

Lohan and Hilton have never been the best of friends. While the two are involved in similar activities and have had their fair share of run-ins with the law, an episode in 2006 when one of Hilton’s friends started speaking negatively about Lohan, with Hilton’s approval, brought a definite end to any possible friendship.

Miss. Hilton is extremely protective of her family, and it shows with her recent comments. It does not help that it is Lohan. Hilton’s comments warning Lohan after her brother’s attack have gained the support of many of her fans, and her brother has received many get well wishes.

By Alexandria Ingham


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