Phil Robertson No Longer Under Suspension From Duck Dynasty

Phil Robertson No Longer Under Suspension from Duck Dynasty

Phil Robertson is no longer under suspension from Duck Dynasty and A&E. Apparently Duck Dynasty fans have won the deadlock they have been in with the A&E Network.

A&E has decided to reverse the decision it made to suspend its star of Duck Dynasty, because of his remarks against gay people. He should not miss any episodes of the new season.

Shooting of the hit show resumes in the spring, and will have a number of public service announcements going along with the show, They are suppose to show the message of encouraging tolerance, unity,  and acceptance among every individual. That is what A&E wants to promote, and supports as a base value with our company and also the values found in Duck Dynasty.

The network had suspended the show’s patriarch last week after he equated gay people to “terrorists” and “drunks” in an interview in GQ magazine. He also stated that African-Americans had been completely happy before Civil Rights were put into effect.

However the network underwent a giant backlash from Duck Dynasty supporters and numerous conservatives, who stated A&E had restricted Robertson’s right to free speech.

A&E may end up enduring yet another repercussion for the decision to yield on the suspension, but it attempted to diminish the news by announcing it on the slow Friday that is situated between the Christmas holiday and New Year’s Eve.

This stalemate has caused a catch-22 for A&E. Duck Dynasty is the most watched show on cable. Yet if they had ignored Robertson’s comments, they would have appeared indifferent. After Robertson was given his suspension, the rest of the show told A&E they could not see themselves doing the series without Robertson in his role.

A&E stated that the network was very disappointed with Phil Robertson’s comments in GQ. However, they were based on his own personal beliefs and are not reflected in Duck Dynasty.

Phil Robertson’s own views did not reflect A& Network, which had always been a strong supporter of the LGBT community. The network stated it had put Phil under hiatus from filming Duck Dynasty for an indefinite period of time.

On Friday, the network explained why it suddenly had a change of heart.

While Phil’s remarks made in the GQ interview reflect his personal views. They are based on his own beliefs. He and his family have publicly said they regret the rough language he happened to use and the misinterpretation of his beliefs based from on the article. Robertson has also stated that he would never encourage hate.  A&E Network expressed disappointment with his statements in the article, and repeat that they are not the views the network holds.

A&E did go ahead and speak with the Rev. Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow PUSH Coalition and GLAAD. They each had objected to Robertson’s comments. Yet others united in Robertson’s defense.

After talking with the Robertson family, as well as consulting with several advocacy groups, A&E went ahead and decided to carry on with filming Duck Dynasty later in the spring of 2014 with all of the Robertson family.

As was mentioned above, A&E will use this event to unveil a national public service campaign which is to promote tolerance, unity and acceptance among every individual. The network says those values are what serve as the core of their company. The PSA’s will run with Dunk Dynasty and other programs as well.

Phil Robertson is no longer under suspension from Duck Dynasty and A&E. Some people are upset and others are very happy with this decision.

By Kimberly Ruble


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2 Responses to "Phil Robertson No Longer Under Suspension From Duck Dynasty"

  1. Mike   December 27, 2013 at 5:05 pm

    Your still portraying the comments with a liberal twist! Sorry but I am done with your organization, as you don’t report news you just twist it. A&E folded just as the Cracker Barrel did. Their support of the LGBT and GLADD only go pocket deep$$$. The real problem with what Mr. Robertson said was that he was too graphic with the truth about this “alternative” lifestyle. His comments exposed what goes on behind closed doors and the queer thinking involved. I know your thinking about….. all the reasons that folks have for choosing this lifestyle. However, bottom line is it is a choice, nothing else.

    The truth would have served you well!

  2. Michele   December 27, 2013 at 4:30 pm

    Mr. Robertson simply stated Biblical principle. What he stated was to prove that sin is sin. He didn’t state that African Americans were fine before the Civil Rights Movement. He stated that the people he was in contact with never made him think otherwise. Jessie Jackson is going to have a lot to answer for when he meets Jesus. Whether or not anyone believes it, their is a standard of truth and that standard is the absolute Word of the only 1 true living God. It isn’t His job to conform to our feeble minds. He knows how He meant all of this to be because He created it. Simply because some people who have been lied to and deceived, don’t agree with Christ doesn’t make Him any less real. God bless Phil Robertson and I pray that he never disowns Christ! Our reward is in Heaven, not here. This isn’t our home!

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