Pokémon Bank Explanation Trailer [Video]

Pokémon Bank and Poké Transfer

Most Pokemon fans are aware of the upcoming Pokémon Bank and Poké Transporter, but for those that are not, Nintendo has just a released a trailer to help explain the new features for Pokemon fans. The quick explanation shows that entire boxes can be transferred at once and the Pokemon bank can hold up to 3,000 Pokemon.

The new service comes from the Pokémon Company and Nintendo as a love note to the future. Pokemon has been around for so long that Pokemon X and Y mark the sixth generation in the series so far. What that means is that Pokemon has been around for long, in so many different iterations, that fans of the series will likely have fond memories of certain games and Pokemon. If gamers want to keep all of their favorite Pokemon in one place, now they can.

The service comes with a month free trial however, when you get to use that one month trial is not up to you. If you download the service before the end of January then you’ll get to enjoy a free month-long trial, if you do not download it by then you will have to pay for the service without a free trial. This service is meant for anyone that wishes to use it. Coming at the price of $4.99 annually Pokémon Bank and Poké Transfer are relatively cheap considering you only have to pay once a year. Meaning that if five years down the road a player wants to use their entire party from Pokemon White while playing the newest Pokemon installment, they can.

Fans from the older games may look back and wish they still had their old Pokemon. The Pokémon Bank allows players to store their Pokemon in a safe spot not on any game so even if a particular game is lost or sold gamers can keep all of their favorite Pokemon. If a player has Pokemon in the Pokémon Bank and stops paying the annual fee they will have a short amount of time before their Pokemon disappear into the lost zone forever. How long that amount of time is, we do not know.

Due to the how well received Pokemon is globally the Bank and Transfer service will not be region locked. The lack of region lock seems like a small addition but could play be a big game changer for some people. For example, if the Spokane Pokemon Federation (SPF) wanted to group their Pokemon together into one super computer full of communal Pokemon but had a member playing a Japanese copy of the game they could still group them together.

The new Pokémon Bank and Poké  Transfer really stand as a milestone for The Pokémon Company as a group that is looking toward the future. Pokemon is a strong franchise that will continue on for years. Fans who wish to keep their favorite Pokemon for themselves or maybe even their children can. These services come with a month-long free trial if signed up for before then end of January.

By Garrett Jutte
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