Rape by Gangs Shocks India on Anniversary of Last Year’s Brutality

Rape  by Gangs - Two in One Evening - Shock India on Anniversary of Last Year's Brutality

The rapes by two different gangs has shocked India on the anniversary of last year’s brutality. A 21-year old woman visiting a friend in Karaikal has been hospitalized after two incidents of rape. Ten men in India raped her twice in the same evening of Dec. 24; the two violent episodes were reportedly perpetrated by two different groups of men.

Police have jailed six men charged with gang-raping the woman, said one of the governing deputies Friday.

The story relayed to the officers was that the young woman had been seized by three men, taking turns while a fourth one raped her for about three hours at a friend’s place in Karaikal, located at Pondicherry state, a port city, deputy Monika Bharadwaj explained. The report of the two different gang rapes has shocked India once again, especially since the violent attacks occurred about the same time as last year’s brutal gang rape in New Delhi.

When the attackers let her go, the woman yelled for help only to be seized by a different group of seven men.  Out of these seven men, six raped her as she tried to escape to get help.

Police arrested the accused attackers on Thursday.  An adolescent male has been jailed because he did not report the crime. In addition, the BBC relayed that two police officers have been laid off for their refusal to communicate the victim’s rape report.

Meanwhile, the attackers are answering questions as to whether they knew each other, and if they actually came from independent groups, Bharadwaj revealed.

Currently, the Times of India has said that police have charged the accused men of forceful abuse, rape, and criminal intimidation.

Police are awaiting the report from the victimized young woman, who is in the hospital.

This assault came just a few days away from India’s anniversary of last year’s tragic death of a woman, age-23, who was brutally raped by a gang while riding on a bus in New Delhi, sparking cries of anger throughout the nation. The abhorrent crime spurred India to make stricter laws that would protect women more readily, such as lengthening prison sentences for rape, and applying charges for any kind of verbal, physical or emotional abuse of women. This report of raping by two different gangs in one evening is an ominous reminder on the anniversary of last year’s brutality.

By Danelle Cheney