T-Mobile Uncarrier 4.0 Reportedly Buys Out Contract When Switching

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If consumers are hating on their carrier and cannot change due to a contract, T-Mobile reportedly has got that covered. Rumors are surfacing the final strategy of the Uncarrier revolution will cover customer’s early termination fees, hence buyout the contract, when switching to T-Mobile. Welcome to a bunch more potential customers and oh, nicely played.

This move can threaten the powerful customer advantages seen with Verizon and AT&T. The two largest carriers are already casting nervous eyes to their marketing team for assistance. T-Mobile has prompted serious changes in the mobile industry within the past year. Cam Burton, a writer on the unofficial T-Mobile Blog, TmoNews reports his source informed him of a new service dubbed “houdini.” This secret weapon will allot customers up to “$350 in credit when they switch” to T-Mobile. The source states T-Mobile’s target is reaching out to families with five or more lines. Reportedly, the source indicates T-

Mobile will not a bat an eye at any of the contract lengths.

Pretty exciting news. In the distant past carriers would offer contract buyouts as a promotion, but it seems this is a feature T-Mobile may be making permanent. When Uncarrier 4.0 is announced in early January, many will be expecting the news to leak of the buyout information. Although, unconfirmed by T-Mobile directly, the source is seemingly reliable.

T-Mobile has extended incredible instances through-out their Uncarrier roll-out which continues to impress customers. The common threat the big three carriers are seeing? “I’ll switch to T-Mobile.” It seems now those threats may come to fruition with the company offering to cover all contract fees. There are a couple of conditions to consider. The credit is permitted per phone, for a max of $350 and the customer must be willing to turn over their device to T-Mobile. This would require a new phone purchase, but with T-Mobile’s impressively affordable plans and phone payments, it can be feasible and a good choice for a family.

Bunton states he had his doubts, until his source sent him a document that shows a real potential for doubt to become fact. The source advises that T-Mobile will be looking to launch the rebate promotion on January 15th. The Uncarrier phases have been incredibly strong, selling points for T-Mobile. From dropping contracts, moving into payment plans and offering global unlimited data – the company is seducing mobile consumers.

T-Mobile Uncarrier 4.0 Reportedly Will Buyout Contracts When SwitchingThe genius behind the bold and risky moves is all thanks to the eclectic mind of one CEO, named John Legere. Dressed to draw in camaraderie from customers, Legere is known for wearing his jeans and T-Mobile, pink emblazoned shirts around the company and the stock market floors. Known for his blunt approach, it was Legere who was astounded by the billing standard in the mobile industry, calling it the “biggest crock of s**t” and was astounded consumers were being forced to pay the bills they were receiving.

In the beginning, the top three big boys probably waved off Legere as nothing more than a publicity stunt – then something happened, Legere demanded change in the unchanged industry. 2-year contracts are merely an option, not a rule when it comes to purchasing a phone. Extended payment plans have been offered and carriers are sweating to keep up with the four stages of the Uncarrier revolution. In 2012, prior to Legere taking over the helm, T-Mobile was losing customers.

T-Mobile Uncarrier 4.0 Reportedly Will Buyout Contracts When SwitchingThen in 2013, Legere came in swinging and with his robust and powerful changes, he has added over 1.4 million customers to T-Mobile’s rosters. In just six months, T-Mobile did something AT&T, Sprint nor Verizon could do; they marketed well and drew in more consumers than the three combined. Since the changes and consumers gravitating, investors are perking up and T-Mobile’s stock has continued to increase, gathering in bounties galore on the stock room floor.

Pretty amazing for a company that once was considered as a buying piece for AT&T.

2014 is expected to bring amazing things for T-Mobile and the mobile industry in general. Reports of T-Mobile buying out contracts is a massive move that will be sure to have the largest GSM and CDMA carriers sweating. It will be interesting to see what the next steps will be for the big three, as Legere takes the stage in early January to release another revolutionary step. He’s pretty much a mobile rock star. Excited for this possibility? Share in the comments.

T-Mobile Uncarrier 4.0 Reportedly Will Buyout Contracts When Switching

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