The X Factor Season Finale Part Two (Review & Videos)

The X Factor Season Finale December 19, 2013

WOO-HOO! It’s the Season Finale Part Two of The X Factor tonight, the last episode of the season, when we finally get to find out who America has voted for the most! That person, the one of the Final Three who has the most votes, will be declared the season winner! Also, musical acts such as One Direction, Lea Michele, Mary J. Blige, Leona Lewis and Pitbull with Ke$ha will be performing!

Carlito Olivero from Paulina’s The Boys, Jeff Gutt from Kelly Rowland’s The Over 25s team, and Alex & Sierra from Simon Cowell’s The Groups team are the Final Three acts remaining. They all are great singers, and they’re all deserving of being declared the winner — the act who has the most “X Factor” — but, only one of them has received the greatest amount of votes from people all across America. Who will be the winner?

Mario Lopez, the host of The X Factor, introduced the Final Three competitors. He said “Tonight, the results are in. One person will get the $1 million recording contract.” Mario then mentioned who would be performing tonight.

The X Factor started off with a cool choreographed dance number with laser lights, then Mario took the stage. Mario then introduced The X Factor judges — this might be Demi Lovato’s last time as a judge of the show, if the rumors are correct that she’s leaving The X Factor to start a world tour in February.

The first musical performance we got to see was “One Love” by U2 as performed by the Final 13 of The X Factor acts who have been eliminated, like Restless Road, Josh Levi, Carlos Guevara, Rachel Potter, Rion Paige, and others — then, Jeff Gutt, Alex & Sierra, and Carlito Olivero also joined in the song. It was AMAZING! The audience was screaming and cheering from the start of the performance.

Mario asked Simon how he was feeling, and Simon answered: “I’m feeling very, very nervous.”

“Any one of the Top Three could win.” Mario said. He asked the competitors how winning The X Factor would change their lives. He also asked Sierra who she thinks their biggest competition is, and she answered: “Everybody.”

Next, we heard some quotable season moments from Paulina, including her use of the word “peachy” (pitchy) and she introduced Carlito Olivero singing the Christmas tune, “Christmas (Baby, Please Come Home).”

Carlito was lookin’ pretty snazzy, and the dancers who performed as he sang were also very cool including the sexy women dressed with Santa hats on and not much more.

Mario asked Carlito what he’d like to say to Paulina, and he said that she was one of the most amazing people he’d ever met, and he thanked her. Paulina told him “I love you, Carlito.”

Then, courtesy of Honda, we got to see some of the people, the friends and relatives of Carlito from Chicago who wanted to wish him well. it was very touching and heart-warming, as person after person spoke about how Carlito has touched their lives and made them proud of him.

Carlito, choked up with emotion, said that he loved all of the friends and relatives who spoke. Then, The X Factor went to another commercial break.

Mary J. Blige sang “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” after the break. ¬†She did a really great version of this classic Christmas song, and one of the musicians on stage with her wailed on the saxophone.

Next, we saw a montage of Kelly flirting with some of the past season’s male performers. Then, she introduced Jeff Gutt, who sang the Christmas song “O Holy Night.” Perhaps it’s sacrilegious to use this term about a song about Jesus, but Jeff Gutt NAILED it — he did a beautiful version of this song. The audience applauded wildly when he finished.

Jeff to Kelly: “She’s helped me so much to get past my past and move into the future.”

Kelly: “Jeff Gutt is already a winner in my eyes, I love you Jeff, and I think you’re an incredibly talented man as well as an artist.”

Then, we got to see friends, relatives, and fans from Jeff’s home town of Detroit speaking about him. Jeff’s son, at the end, said Jeff “was the best Daddy ever.”

Next, Simon Cowell introduced “the amazing, the talented” Alex & Sierra. Sierra started off the Christmas song they performed, “All I Want for Christmas is You.”

They were AWESOME, as usual, and the audience clapped along as they sang this holiday classic. They made it their own, and sang it with a lot of heart and warmth. The audience gave them a standing ovation.

Alex to Simon: “We owe everything to you, Mr. Cowell.”

Simon: “You know what I really liked about these guys, I’ve learned as much from them as they did from me. I think they really deserve to win.”

As with the other two competitors, we then saw friends, family, and fans speak about their feelings and love for Alex & Sierra. The comments that they made were very, very touching — Sierra was crying on stage hearing their kind words.

Mario said that right after the break, we’ll learn who will be leaving The X Factor in third place.

First, though, we saw a montage of Demi annoying Simon throughout the season, and drinking a…nonalcoholic drink.

After that, Lea Michele from Glee sang “Cannonball.” Lea is a truly remarkable singer, one of Glee’s best, and I really liked this great performance. The audience clapped as she sang.

Then, Mario briefly spoke with the moms of each of the Final Three performers. They were all proud and happy at how well their children have done all season long.

Though we’ve heard on previous episodes of The X Factor and on this one what winning The X Factor would mean to each of the Final Three, we heard from them again on this subject. The tension was building — who will be the first one to be sent home tonight?

Mario: “It’s time to find out which act is leaving in third place.” He welcomed back to the stage the Final Three performers and the judges. “The act finishing in third place and leaving the competition right now is — Carlito Olivero.”

Carlito said: “I’m blessed, man. I love everybody at home. To my mom and dad, I love you and I’ll never let you down.”

Paulina: “You deserved to win. This is a new beginning for you.” We saw a brief montage of everything that led to this moment for Carlito, brief parts of his memorable performances.

“One of these acts is gonna be your winner,” Mario said, speaking of Jeff Gutt and Alex & Sierra, who were on the stage with him. Mario said that coming up, Pitbull, One Direction, and others would be performing.

After the break, Jeff Gutt spoke about how winning the money and the recording contract would change his life. Alex & Sierra said that they had “everyone at home to thank.”

Next, we saw some of the people who auditioned for The X Factor who –sadly, but sort of humorously — didn’t have the “X Factor.”

Mario introduced the winner of The X Factor UK 2006, Leona Lewis, singing “One More Sleep.” It’s from her album “Christmas With Love.” She has a wide and amazing vocal range — she rocked this Christmas song out! Simon and the audience gave her a standing ovation.

After the commercial break, Mario Lopez introduced a segment showing some of the season’s most memorable and touching moments. It brought back a lot of memories, of good times, and of crying, on both the parts of the competitors and judges.

Then, Pitbull and Ke$ha sang their hit song “Timber.” It’s a fantastic song, one of the big hits of the past year. They lit up the stage, and the female dancers with them were also terrific and HOT. The audience erupted in applause, and Mario said “Good job, man; good job.” Pitbull thanked all of the judges and his fans for their support.

Coming up, we’ll hear One Direction perform, and we’ll finally learn who is the season winner of The X Factor!

In a cute segment, children commented about how “naughty” Simon was for his snide comments about how terrible some singers have been on past episodes of The X Factor.

Then, we heard Alex & Sierra and Jeff Gutt singing . They were WONERDERFUL! It was a fantastic collabortive performance. Their voices harmonized really well together, and Jeff Gutt (the Gutts, as Kelly calls him), ROCKED!

The CEO of Sony Music spoke and said that “they can’t wait” at Sony to get one of these acts in the recording studio. Mario then said that “taking the stage right after the break will be One Direction.”

“We are just moments away from finding out who is the winner of The X Factor. Will it be Jeff Gutt or Alex & Sierra? But first, America, It’s One Direction!”

One Direction sang a sang I haven’t yet heard them sing, “Midnight Memories,” though the young females in the audience seemed very familiar with it, by their screams and cheers. They were great!

This is it, America — it’s coming down to the final minutes of The X Factor, and soon we will learn who you voted for, who will win the Sony recording contract of these two very worthy acts!

Now, we’re down to the Top Two,” Mario said. “Please welcome back to The X Factor the Top Two acts and their mentors! Two acts — they auditioned, they survived the Four Chair Challenge, and one of them receive the most votes from America. Based on America’s votes, the winner of The X Factor 2013 and the Sony recording contract is — Alex & Sierra!”

Simon: “I feel Christmas has just come early! Jeff, you were great, especially down to the wire — thank you, America!”

Mario asked Jeff what he wanted to say to America, and he said he’s not giving up, and he’s going to go on tour. He also thanked America for their votes.

Alex and Sierra once again sang the song that got them to where they are — “Say Something.” The audience screamed and cheered as they sang — Alex got choked up, and almost started to cry. They looked into each other’s eyes as they performed — they were TOTALLY KICK-ASS!

I wish that there was some way that Jeff Gutt could have also won, by some miracle, so that they both could have shared in the victory. Everyone of the competitors come onto the stage as they were finishing, and confetti dropped from the ceiling.

Written by: Douglas Cobb

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