Thursday Without Thursday Night Football?

No Football on Thursday?

There is no Thursday Night Football to watch tonight, so what are fans doing instead? After 15 weeks of America’s favorite sport, looking over the Thursday night primetime lineup can create fear and panic for football fans. Here is a look at a five choices that should not (no promises!) do too much damage to the cerebral functionality.

For those who want to continue along the sports vein, NBC Sports is showing US Olympic Trials starting at 8 pm CST. It appears they will be highlighting Men’s Curling, a sport that resembled bowling on ice with brooms. For curling fans, this promises to be two hours of excitement. For football fans who are looking for something to feed their TNF need, perhaps not so much excitement as resignation.

For wrestling fans, SpikeTV is airing iMPACT Wrestling tonight. On the card for the evening is the World Heavyweight Championship Tournament Finals featuring Jeff Hardy and Magnus, Also, the Feast or Fired briefcases will be reveals at Final Resolution. This sounds like something iMPACT fans may have been following for a while. It looks like some burning questions will be answered, and longtime disputes may be resolved…or at least move forward.

For fans who simply cannot tear themselves away from NFL Network, reruns of a recent episode of A Football Life will air tonight in lieu of Thursday Night Football. The first hour will feature a look at LaDanian Tomlinson, and the second will be a re-look at Derrick Thomas. If these are of no interest, or have been seen already, FoxSports1 will have a FIFA World Cup Soccer Semifinals airing of a game from Dec. 17 in Agadir, Morocco. The game was played between Guangzhou Evergrande FC and FC Bayern Munchen. If this is not new news, there are more options to explore.

TNT is showing a live basketball game tonight, which may fill the void for some football fans yearning for Thursday Night Football. The Chicago Bulls will be visiting the Oklahoma City Thunder. Replacing a sport with a sport is a good way to make up for not having access to the preference. However, the different between the two may not be enough to satisfy. Either way, it is not a rerun.

Getting away from sports, USA Network is re-airing a December episode of White Collar called “No Good Deed.” It seems the partners, Neal and Peter, a thief and an FBI agent, respectively, are having some conflict over an unsolved larceny case. A greater point of interest is that at 9:01 pm CST,USA will air Fast Five, starring the late Paul Walker. In spite of the commercials, any Fast and Furious movie is good for a few hours of viewing pleasure. It is not football, granted, but it is marginally more believable than a man having a chair broken over his back with no immediately debilitating consequences.

On A & E, reruns of Duck Dynasty will be on from 8 pm CST until 9. Then the network will be premiering a new program called Rodeo Girls that follows women in rodeo. It is, of course, another hat tossed into the reality television ring. Rodeo is a popular sport in some areas, and taking a look at it from the feminine side may have its appeal to some. For the football-less masses, it may be a long shot.

Investigation Discovery (ID) will also have a new episode tonight of True Crime With Aphrodite Jones. The episode is titled The Ballad of Billi-Jo. Jones will be investigating a house fire that killed two small children.

For award ceremony aficionados, HBO is airing the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony for 2013. The program starts at 7 pm CST and runs through 10pm. Inductees (and please forgive if this is old news) include Hart, Randy Newman, Donna Summer, and Quincy Jones, among others.

The big networks are still cashing in on musical talent programming. On FOX, The X-Factor winner will be announced tonight in a two-hour extravaganza starting at 7 pm CST. On NBC, The Sing-off episode tonight is called “Judge’s Choice.” The groups remaining in the competition will be performing songs chosen by the judges, as the title implies. At 8pm CST, Saturday Night Live is slated to re-play “An SNL Christmas: that originally aired on Dec. 4. On CBS, A Charlie Brown Christmas from 2010 will be on at 7 CST, followed by The Year, a program that will feature celebrities, newsmakers and special guests as they reflect upon events of 2013.

Needless to say, local listings may be different. For football fans, the pickings are slim, but the choices are many. Life without Thursday Night Football does not have to be frightening. One should be as discerning in their choice as they are in fantasy drafts. Of course, fans could always turn off the television and find something else to do, but without football, what else, really, is there?

Opinion By Brandi Tasby

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