UNICEF Helped by Celebrities


UNICEF have been helped by many celebrities to launch their new winter commercial, No Place Like Home. The Video below displays the appeal for Syrian children, which includes the likes of Ewan McGregor, Rita Ora, and Emma Bunton. To donate three pounds, people have been advised to text “WARM,” to 70111, or go to the link at the bottom of the page, to donate by credit card.

The celebrities help to hone in the message that there is “no place like home,” and that for millions of children in Syria, home is not a safe, established place. The video brings Syria’s poverty to the viewer’s attention, by showing malnourished children, children sitting in heaps of rubble, clips of violence and destruction, and the desolate communities that for many, sit under the category of home.

UNICEF put children at the heart of their framework. Their priorities are child survival and development, protection and social inclusion, education, emergency aid, and humanitarian action. They hold global authority to influence decision-making, enabling the possibility of turning ideas into a reality.

UNICEF was created in order to nurture and care for children world-wide, which is why it has even been helped by celebrities. It seeks to unite people universally, in order to overcome problems of poverty, violence, disease and discrimination within a child’s life. In doing this, the organization believes it can “advance the cause of humanity.”

With their recent promotional video, UNICEF look to help the children of Syria by giving them a better start in life, as sufficient care whilst young will found a healthy future. People are urged to open their eyes to the crisis in Syria, and the help that is needed in order to make a difference.

A video by Save The Children posted in March, also highlights the destitute circumstances for children in Syria. They have been witnesses of death and violence, and forced into refugee camps where they suffer from a lack of food and water, and a lack of sanitation. These problems continue to remain unresolved, which is why UNICEF has made their winter video about that country in particular, and focused on the children from there.

The UK Government has stated that it will match whatever UNICEF manage to raise from their appeal. Anita Tiessen, the Deputy Executive Director of UNICEF UK, said that she hopes the money can help renew supplies, because with the Syria conflict deep into its third year, children are paying the heaviest price. This is because sources of supplies have been cut off in the conflict.

She added that unless action takes place now, “this generation may be lost for ever – with profound long-term consequences for Syria, the region, and beyond.”

As UNICEF attempt to change the circumstances for children of Syria, they are supported and helped by a diverse range of people, including celebrities. The project is attempting to aid those that are now dispersed across the Middle East, southern Europe and North Africa. The money donated to the charity will go towards providing warm clothes, clean water, and medicine.

By Melissa McDonald

To Donate to Unicef: www.unicef.org.uk/syria


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