United Parcel Service: UPS Delays Expose Fairytale of Santa and Christmas



United Parcel Service (UPS) is the target of angry internet discussions as its delivery delays expose the fairytale holiday most know as Santa’s Christmas. The delivery giant has blamed the delays on a number of factors, most notably poor weather conditions. The worries apparently began earlier during the week as backlogs threatened to cause delays. Now, as many internet conversations are hot with resentment towards UPS, it is clear that some gifts will not be arriving, and that the news is enough to screw up the solstice for those who hold it dear.

The shipping company issued a statement Wednesday in an attempt to convey to those awaiting packages that the company was doing all that it could, in the wake of heavy “holiday” volume, to make sure packages would find their destinations.

The news was finally broken by a UPS spokesperson that, “a small percentage of shipments are delayed and will not be delivered today.”

The statement apparently maddened those who did not receive their packages, leaving embittered believers of the Solstice Santa feeling as though they, being part of the “small percentage,” did not matter. Considering the difficulty level of convincing growing children of the concept of a Santa, the failed deliveries certainly did not help parents attempting to keep up the act. The UPS delivery delays’ unintended consequence of exposing the Christmas and Santa fairytale may be one factor that contributed to the angry feelings being expressed online.

Perhaps throwing salt in the wound of the “small percentage” of those who did not receive their packages, UPS decided to let employees celebrate Santa and the re-birth of the sun, instead of working through the “holiday” to mitigate the delivery delays. This decision was also critically discussed by those who found themselves without gifts as a result of the backlogs and delays.

Not everyone was so critical of UPS however. Facebook traffic showed that there were those who spoke out in support of the individuals dedicated to delivering packages. While there are those who are angry at UPS delays for potentially exposing the fairytale of Christmas, others appear to be taking it all in stride and giving words of encouragement to the company and its people.

UPS is faced consistently with the tall order of promptly delivering huge quantities of gifts for the “holidays.” Year after year the company , along with others like FedEx attempt to meet the spike in shipping demand. Earlier in the week it became apparent that this year would potentially present delivery problems. Backlogs and weather issues had brought the possibilities of delays into view. What appears to have sparked some of the sour feelings are two decisions by UPS.

First, UPS decided to issue a statement to the public informing them that although there were some backlogs, UPS would do all that it could to insure sound delivery of packages being expected. The openness of the statement might have led to higher than deserved expectations by customers waiting on gifts and other deliveries. UPS then issued the statement referencing the delayed deliveries as “a small percentage.” This decision appears to have thrown salt in an already festering wound.

As it stands now, UPS delivery delays have been confirmed, and the unintended consequences may be that they’ve exposed the fairytale of Christmas and Santa and made for a somber solstice.

By Daniel Worku


Washington Post

USA Today