Walmart Has Politically Correct Insurance From Beyonce This Holiday Season

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In a surprising turn of events, Walmart has received “politically correct” insurance from Beyonce this holiday season. Walmart is receiving positive feedback for the first time in a long time. This is likely due to a disastrous list of recent events that had left the big box, global retailer as the king of American Christmas retailers, by a process of elimination.

Such things cannot be planned. Certainly, even Walmart administration, long known for being super-efficient and tight with every dollar, could not have seen this coming. Sure there has been the usual ranting about Walmart being a nonunion company and about employees not being paid enough, or getting good enough benefits.

However, these kinds of issues are not germane to Walmart. They take place continuously all over the place. For example, consider public schools, where some teachers may complain about their positions and pay. Since Walmart is the biggest employer in the nation, next to Uncle Sam, there will always be dissident voices and criticism. That goes with the territory, it is part of being number one in any industry. The top dog always has a target on their backside and gets the most flack from everyone else.

Earlier this month America heard about the incident in a Walmart in which a black man is suing because an anonymous voice came over the loudspeaker asking all black people to leave the store. Upon being ushered out, the man decided to sue.

One might think that would leave Walmart with a black eye. However, no sooner did America hear about that when a serious of unusual events took place. This is the part where Walmart received some “politically correct” insurance from Beyonce this holiday season.

First, America witnessed Target Corporation encountering one of the worst debacles of its entire corporate life. Being the victim of the second largest credit card hack attack in U.S. history is not a good thing for Target shoppers. In fact, it is so horrible that it makes people wish to be Walmart shoppers. For Target, or for any big retailer, that must be one of the worst things that could have happened during the holidays, or any time of year.

However, Target made another big mistake, along with Amazon. Since Beyonce did an exclusive iTunes release of her new Beyonce album, Target and Amazon decided not to sell any of her Beyonce CDs. That is almost as bad as not letting poor Rudolph join in any reindeer games. It simply made no sense for Target and Amazon to reject Beyonce CD sales.

All of that news bubbling up at the same time comprised the first Christmas miracle for Walmart. The second came Friday when Beyonce graced the Tewksbury, Mass., Walmart with her presence. She even gave out $37,500 worth of gift cards to star-struck Walmart shoppers – all of whom were glad they had decided not to shop Target that night. Not only did Beyonce not get escorted out of the door, she actually was able to bask in the glow of Walmart announcing they would indeed be selling copies of her new Beyonce CD.

That was the one-two punch that took down Target leaving this year’s King of Christmas crown to none other than Walmart. It might sound corny, but people really adore Beyonce and there is an old saying: “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” Target is “out” this Christmas and Walmart is “in.” One can only say it is because Walmart is well-known for having the most powerful corporate computer intranet system in the country, topped only by the Pentagon’s computer system. Not only that, but Walmart had the sense to partner with America’s beloved, Beyonce, instead of making a mysterious executive decision to ignore and disrespect her.

That is how Walmart has received some well needed “politically correct” insurance from Beyonce this holiday season.


By Alex Durig
Alex is a Ph.D., author of numerous books about autism, experienced ghostwriter, business consultant, college professor, sales and management expert, and a business owner.

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