Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Trick May Harm Your System

Xbox One

Recently a photo has appear that offers step-by-step instructions to make your Xbox One play Xbox 360 games. The truth is that the Xbox One is not backwards compatible and trying this trick may render your new expensive system unusable. Microsoft warns against any attempts that could damage the system.

A few users on Youtube have made videos on how to get into your developers kit tools but it is not recommended, doing so may cause extreme damage and should not be attempted unless you have explicit knowledge as to what you are doing. Similar to getting into the operating system of a computer, big damage can be done if you go poking around not knowing what you are doing. The reason why most want to get into their dev kit tools is because they thought that from there they could make their system play older Xbox 360 games, which it can not.

Images of such instructions started appearing on Reddit and 4chan and in some cases it was actually even noted to be fake. Larry Hryb, more commonly known as Major Nelson tweeted a warning to Xbox One fans saying, “to be clear there is no way to make your Xbox One backwards compatible & performing steps to attempt this could make your console inoperable. In addition, an Xbox One developer warned gamers via Reddit. “Please don’t mess with anything here for the time being, especially the sandbox ID.”

Below you’ll find the instructional picture that leads to finding your dev kit and possibly bricking your system. Do not attempt unless you really know what you are doing and remember the Microsoft has stated that the Xbox One does not play Xbox 360 games period. It may be possible for the Xbox One to stream older games from the cloud but that day is still somewhere in the future.

Fake instructions for the Xbox One

This unfortunate prank has already ruined a number of people’s Xbox One systems but hopefully that will stop now. For anyone spending so much money on something, they should not be messing around in the insides if untrained. As of right now Microsoft has not announced any way to fix consoles that have bricked from trying to make their system backwards compatible. Unfortunately they may not discover a way either. The reason the system bricks is due to the loop it gets stuck in. When following the instructions in the above picture the system tries to reboot itself over and over endlessly making the system unable to do anything but reboot.

It is encouraged that Xbox One players should not try to make their console backwards compatible for fear of rendering the system unusable and bricked. Microsoft and Major Nelson warn from going into the more intricate settings of the system unless. Those with extensive knowledge should be the only ones looking around at such parts of the system. Unless you are specifically trying to do this to your system there should be no reason whatsoever as to why an Xbox One would act in such a way. Be safe gamers.


By Garrett Jutte



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