Xbox One: Battlefield 4 Has Been Plagued by Problems

Xbox One: Battlefield 4Battlefield 4 for Xbox One and Playstation 4 have been plagued by problems. Game developers EA and DICE continue to try to repair the bugs while customers remain frustrated over the cost of the game and consoles and the lack of immediate playability. Aside from the frustrations the game is creating, Battlefield 4 is proving to be an addictive and enjoyable game. Despite the problems with the game it is still receiving high ratings from fans and game reviewers.

DICE has released a few patches, but many more are still needed for gamers to have a smooth gaming experience like they had and still have with Battlefield 3. Battlefield 4 has the highest ratings on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. A substantial patch has already been made available to those playing the game Xbox 360, but is not yet available for Xbox One.

The biggest problems for gamers, that seem to be occurring across the board, are with one hit kills. Players are having their characters die in ridiculous ways. A scenario in which this happens for example is this, a character is walking and the enemy appears, the player makes his character duck and shoot, and the opponent shoots at the same time. Normally the first character would get the kill, but in this glitchy scenario that is recurring in Battlefield 4, the enemy shoots while not seeing the the opponent duck and the opponent gets the kill. The opponent thinks nothing of it, except maybe “cool one shot kill” but other players are left thinking “what in the world just happened?”

In an attempt to placate gamers, DICE gave away in-game kits that fixed a few of the problems plaguing Xbox One’s Battlefield 4. The repairs included things such as reducing the risk of game crashes when exiting vehicles, opening the options menu, transitioning from one multiplayer match to another. It also provided players with a free M911 pistol scope even if they didn’t take part in the double experience event. Although a free unlock is a nice gesture, it doesn’t resolve the frustrations that people are having with the game, especially those playing on the new consoles. Some players might not even be aware of the recent fixes yet. The patch download is in the marketplace app and must be found and downloaded manually, there is no prompt to automatically download and apply the patch and free unlock.

Even in this “laggy” and “glitchy” darkness there is a light. Battlefield 4 for Xbox One and other consoles is an excellent successor to Battlefield 3 and its’ earlier versions for its’ playability despite its’ (soon to be mended) flaws. It has even more beautiful graphics with excellent use of their shading engine that really helps give it that Battlefield look that FPS gamers love about the game.

There is a great new game mode called Obliteration in which a brutal struggle takes place for a base bursting bomb. Of course, what would a Battlefield game be without the signature destructible environments? The developers delivered in this area, but maybe a bit too much. Some of the buildings and things that you can destroy seem like they forced them into the maps so that they could say that every map had something big that you could turn to rubble. Battlefield 4 for Xbox One and other consoles is more hit than miss but with lots of room to improve. Game developers are working hard to fix the remaining problems that plagued Battlefield 4 on Xbox One and other consoles.

By Lara Stielow

Game Informer


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