Yet Another Vacation to Hawaii for the President

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While the president goes on yet another vacation to Hawaii, it seems Democrats are bailing on their Messiah like rats from a sinking ship over the failed Obamacare rollout and subsequent failure of the system.  This morning on CNN’s State of the Union Senator Joe Manchin (D) warned Obamacare could “suffer a complete meltdown” if people are not happy. If people are not happy?  Now there is an understatement.

Manchin is the latest Democrat who is realizing they just might had made a mistake in voting for something in order to find out “what is in it,” as Nancy Pelosi famously told us. Now the Democrats are finding out just exactly what is in it and they are not too pleased. Actually it is their constituents who are not pleased with Obamacare, learning they are losing their current plans which are being replaced by costly options that provide less coverage. Something which those “evil, Obama-hating, racist Tea Partiers” warned way back when. Now with a mid-term election coming up they are suddenly concerned they could potentially lose their nice cushy jobs. No vacations in Hawaii for them.

Even the pro-Obama press is starting to crack just a little admitting that maybe, just maybe, Obama is not quite what they made him out to be. Why even the venerable Barbara Walters told Piers Morgan that Obama is not the Messiah they thought he was going to be. No, Barbara, definitely not. He has not saved the world, he has not stopped the oceans from rising. Then again it was Barbara and others who live in their own little world, where they have no idea of how the other half lives. Funny how she mentioned he did not keep his promises but said nothing about his constant lies. Oh well.

Barbara did say how the expectations for Obama were so high and he just has not fulfilled them. Of course it was she and her fellow liberal media counterparts who raised those expectations in the first place somehow thinking that someone with no experience, with a questionable, unverifiable education could lead the nation.

Even the loyal minions who are not among the media elite are beginning to question the President and his actions. On Thursday in Chicago, a town hall meeting put on by Al Sharpton to talk about gun control got ugly when some attendees actually questioned whether they made the right choice when they elected their mayor.  That would be the guy Obama sent to run things in Chicago and many questioned if they elected the right person for president. One attendee even had the audacity to call the others in the group stupid for reelecting Obama. Yes it is true, Chicagoans are fed up with the political machine as their neighborhoods deteriorate and their children die.  Maybe the president should have not gone on vacation in Hawaii and selected Chicago instead.

As another year ends, Americans can look back and see the lack of accomplishments this president has made. Yes, yes, it is “all the fault of the Republicans, why if it was not for them, just imagine what other messes we could be in!” At least there is one thing Barack Obama has accomplished – he sure has been able to spend a lot of time working on his golf game which the president is sure to do on this latest vacation in Hawaii. He is sure to be ready for retirement by the time 2016 comes around.

Commentary by Paul Roy


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