2014 Olympics Under Attack

Will the Olympics Go Forward?

2014 Olympics suffer bombing threats

As many may have expected, the 2014 Olympics may be under attack. After much controversy in Russia between Russia and other nations, the threats being made have now extended. Yesterday an Islamic militant group made video threats of suicide bombings during the Sochi Olympics, leaving many Olympians and viewers wondering whether the Winter Olympics will go forward.

In previous months since the announcement that Sochi, Russia would be hosting the Winter Olympics, U.S. military soldiers have been on standby, working to secure the area for the games to be played safely. The reason is because of problems with Russia and other countries in which there have been several bombings and terrorist threats keeping Russian officials busy. But now Russian officials are facing a new task as they work through a video where terrorists claim to be planning an attack on the 2014 Olympics.

One social media commenter stated, “It’s not as if we did not expect for the Olympics to be under attack with everything going on over there. Why are the Olympics still in Russia?”

Russian security is still working on determining whether the threats made in the video are anything to worry about. Reports say that in the video are two men who were responsible for recent suicide bombings in Volgograd. In the video, they tell Russian President Vladimir Putin to be expecting “a present” at the 2014 Olympics, demonstrating the 2014 Olympics may be under attack.

Officials are also on the look out for a woman who is the widow of a terrorist of the militant group who was killed last year. According to hotel workers and other Russian citizens, the woman has been seen in Sochi and could be involved with planning the attack.

Many other terrorists who may have been linked to the militant group have also been killed recently during several attacks, leaving Russia on high alert. According to officials, the most intense security measures are now being taken to ensure the safety of all those in attendance at the 2014 Olympics, should it come under attack. They say 100,000 police, military and other security will guard the Olympics. Access to the area is and will continue to be under tight restriction. Police are screening all city residents and have banned access to cars that are registered outside of Sochi.

But the U.S. says they are more than prepared for an attack should one happen. According to reports, the U.S. military will have warships and aircraft ready to keep athletes and officials safe although the military is also concerned about more than just a terrorist attack.

There is also concern for the safety of the athletes, because of the anti-gay legislation passed in Russia. Some of the athletes are openly gay, causing controversy over their attendance. While U.S. officials still believe it is safe for these athletes to attend the 2014 Olympics, some continue to wonder if the athletes will be under attack simply for being gay.

Because of all the security measures being taken, anyone who wants to attend the 2014 Olympics will only be able to buy tickets from Russian authorities, and will be screened under close security measures in order to get in. The threats, the controversy and the tightened security make attending the Olympics less appealing for many. With the possibility of the 2014 Olympics being under attack, how many will actually be in attendance at the Winter Olympics? If the Olympics continue, we will just have to wait and see.

By Crystal Boulware

Los Angeles Times

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