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Leading the field of top nominees for the 2014 Academy Awards are American HustleGravity and 12 Years a Slave.  American Hustle earned 10 nominations, including nods in top categories of best picture and best director. Amy Adams, Christian Bale, Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper also received nominations for best acting work in the film.

Next on the list of top nominees is Solomon Northup’s memoir, 12 Years a Slave, which has received nine nominations. The movie chronicles the life of a free-born man as he is kidnapped and sold into slavery in 1840. The main character witness the horrors and injustice of slavery. Chiwetel Ejiofor is nominated for best actor, while Michael Fassbender and Lupita N’yongo follow up with nominations for best supporting roles. The film is also nominated for best picture and adapted screenplay for director Steve McQueen. Gravity is also up for 10 Oscars, which has gained director Alfonso Cuarón a nomination for best direction. In addition, Sandra Bullock is nominated for best actress in this outer-space adventure. The movie was also selected for cinematography, film editing and score.

Starting in 2011, the Academy started allowing a minimum of five and maximum of 10 nominees for best picture category. In addition to the Academy Awards top nominees 12 Years a Slave, American Hustle and Gravity, the following movies have also been nominated for an Oscar:  Captain Phillips, Dallas Buyers Club, Her, Nebraska, Philomena and The Wolf of Wall Street. Among the snubs this year are Inside Llewyn Davis, All Is Lost and Blackfish.

Of all the categories for the Academy Awards, the best actor category is the most competitive for this year. Jonah Hill has been nominated for a second Oscar for his role in The Wolf of Wall Street. The actor was first nominated for best actor in 2012’s movie Moneyball. Besides Bale, McConaughey and Ejiofor other contenders for best acting includes Bruce Dern for Nebraska and Leonardo DiCaprio for The Wolf of Wall Street. Cate Blanchett is considered for the best actress category in Woody Allen’s film Blue Jasmine.

For the best supporting role category, Golden Globe winner Jared Leto is nominated for portraying a transgender AIDS patient while Jennifer Lawrence  is a big contender for American Hustle. Last year Lawrence took home an award for her performance in Silver Linings Playbook. The Lone Ranger starring Johnny Depp, Armie Hammer and William Fichtner has been nominated for two Academy Awards for visual effects, and makeup and hairstyling.

The Oklahoma-made film August:  Osage County is also up for two Oscar nominations. Meryl Streep was nominated for best actress for her representation as Violet Weston, a befuddled matriarch of a dysfunctional family in Oklahoma. Julia Roberts is nominated for best supporting actress. Roberts portrays Barb, Violet’s control-freak oldest daughter.

The Academy Awards top nominees for 2014 have been publicized for the past few days and the nominees are all thrilled their film was recognized to possibly receiving an Oscar.  Director of 12 Years a Slave Steve McQueen states he never would have guessed or expected the film to receive nominations. Meryl Streep also expresses how happy she is both her and Julia Roberts are nominated for their film.


By Bridget Cunningham


Washington Post

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