American Horror Story Go To Hell: Just Desserts

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American Horror Story Go To Hell: Just Desserts

The penultimate episode of American Horror Story, Go to Hell could have been titled Just Desserts because that is definitely what everyone received by the show’s end. Although the coven have reunited by the end of the episode in the singular purpose of discovering who will be the next supreme there is only one installment left. Who will survive the deadly trials of the seven wonders to become the new supreme and who will not. Of course there is always the chance that all of the new hopefuls left in the coven could be supremes. What a shocker that would be.

After the short black and white vignette telling the backstory of the seven wonders which ends as Fiona explains that the price of becoming the supreme can be the ultimate one. Fiona may be very ill, and it cost her dearly when she taught Queenie to remember just who was in charge of this little coven, but she has not given up hope just yet. Which makes what happens to her later in the episode that much more ironic.

Interestingly, Cordelia heads straight to Madison’s room when she has trouble locating Misty. While Madison manages to elude Cordelia long enough to “hide” the truth of what she did to missing Misty, Queenie headed out to the hot house in her search for Marie Laveau and finding blood, decides to hunt down Papa Legba. Turns out that Papa Legba lives in hell, and when Queenie goes to visit, she ends up in her version of hell, which is as an employee in a chicken fast food place called, ironically, Chubbies.

After a very brief conversation with Papa, she meets up with him outside the realms of hell to talk about Marie Laveau. In a scene that drips of surrealistic absurdity, Queenie learns of Marie’s fate and talks Papa Legba into ending his contract with Laveau early, all over cups of hot chocolate with extra little marshmallows. The end result of this chocolate trist is that Marie is no longer immortal herself which means that neither is Delphine.

After cutting Marie up into little pieces, Delphine has moved back into her historic mansion and taken over conducting the house tours on her own. She has also undergone a modern transformation that will, for her, not last very long. Queenie tracks Delphine down and offers her a chance for redemption, which LaLaurie turns down. After explaining to Queenie that she has not changed at all and that her tears were not for Queenie’s race, but, for her dismay at what the world had become.

Queenie reacted swiftly to this news and sent Delphine to hell where she and Marie Laveau will spend eternity together. Of course not before Madame LaLaurie points out the hypocrisy of modern times and that people believe that humiliation is the ultimate payment for redemption. American Horror Story, Go to Hell goes on to give other character’s their just desserts before the end of the show.

Fiona continues to lie to everyone and after her lover Axeman learns the truth takes her to task. It could be said that the Supreme’s swan song could be I Fall to Pieces. The truth is, that Cordelia helped the Axeman discover a few home truths about Fiona and it costs her dearly, as Misty says later, not even she can resurrect someone when they’ve been turned into “alligator sh*t.”

Speaking of Misty, Cordelia spends a lot of time searching for missing swamp witch. After laying out her clothing, she smells Misty’s slip and gets her general location. She pricks her finger with one of Misty’s earrings and zeroes in on the exact location of the coffin that Madison locked her in. Of course this happens after she’s read that Fiona will murder the entire coven to ensure her continuance as the Supreme. As a result, just before she finds Misty, she visits the Axeman to seal her mother’s fate.

Madison has a brief illuminating conversation with Myrtle Snow and Zoe shows back up, rather unexpectedly. Myrtle is not pleased, as she was the one who insisted that Zoe and Kyle run off to the sunny funland of Orlando, Florida. Zoe explains that she has come back to take her rightful place as the new Supreme. Her announcement is interrupted by the missing Misty.

One of the season’s biggest highlights has to be the return of Misty and her triumphant “smackdown” of Madison. The line that she does not have to waste her magic on “Hollywood” that she can “do her” with her hands, was classic. Sadly, before Misty could turn Madison into witch paste, Axeman shows up with blood dripping from not just his hands, but, from his axe as well.

Which brings the episode back full circle. The entire coven, including the blind Cordelia, lift one hand, after Madison says “God, did you walk into the wrong house,” and fling the axeman through the air like a bloody rag doll.

Cordelia, who never really lost her gift of sight, dips her fingers into the bloody trails left by the axeman and announces that Fiona is dead and that all the remaining witches in the coven will face the seven wonders test. American Horror Story, Go to Hell ends with a Psycho/Carrie feel and the feeling that at least two of the cast have gotten their just desserts, or, punishment. With one episode left, will all of the coven become supremes or will Fiona pull one last trick and re-emerge triumphant to take what is hers.

By Michael Smith



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