American Idol Auditions #2 (Review & Videos)

American Idol Auditions Night 2 (Review & Videos)

On American Idol tonight, the auditions  continue, and the second night of season 13 promises to be another song-filled memorable episode! Contestants from cities across the country will be seeking to prove that they are good enough to get a coveted Golden Ticket and be sent on to Hollywood

In a flash forward, the first guy up on American Idol sings a song by Bob Dylan, “Make You Feel My Love,” accompanying himself on the guitar. He’s great, and gets “yeses” from all three judges, and a Golden Ticket to Hollywood.

Ryan Seacrest introduces the episode and the three judges, while Jesse Roach, the first contestant is waiting in The Chamber until it is her turn to sing. She tells the judges a neighbor, who hear her singing in her garage, coerced her into trying out . She plays the guitar and sings “Do Ya” by K.T. Oslin .  She is fantastic — J-Lo tells her “I really love your voice,” and the other judges, Keith Urban and Harry Connick Jr., agree. they vote “yes” for her, and she gets to go to Hollywood, also.

Quiandra gets a Golden Ticket and Jamiah, 15, her brother, unfortunately doesn’t, though I thought he did a pretty good job singing an original song.

Megan Miller,  23,  sings the Carrie Underwood song “Last Night.” J-Lo really loves her voice, while Harry said he liked it, but wonderred when her voice would “blow out.” The three judges all vote “yes” for her, but aren’t sure if she will be able to continue singing throughout the competition without experiencing voice problems.

Grace Ann Field sings next. Harry doesn’t like it, and calls it “frenetic.” Keith says he wasn’t sure “that you have the entire package that America is looking for.”  They seemed to be trying to let her down easily.

Then, we got to see a few other people, in rapid fire style, singing. many making it, some…not.

Spencer Lloyd, 19, sings Colton Dixon’s “Never Gone.” Harry calls him just an “okay” singer, but says that he is handsome, and anyone who came before or after him might have a hard time competing because of his looks and personality. They all give him “yeses.”

Then, Stephen Curd sings and plays the guitar –he’s also great.  Anna Melvin, 22, sings “Wrecking Ball” then  Ryan Clark, 22, nails “Ordinary People.” They all get the good news that they will be going to Hollywood.

Then, a guy, Rick Rowling,  tries to imitate past hosts, like Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson, and bombs.He then sings — badly — and Harry tells him he’s “disrespecting the process.” The judges send him on his merry way.

After he bombs, T.K Hash imitates President Obama, and does great — he also sings really well,  proving it by singing “My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark” by Fall Out Boy . Keith said “I loved it — I absolutely loved it.”  J-Lo agreed, saying that he brought a “certain chemistry” into the room. Harry told him that he was very “likable.” They gave him three “yeses.”

Ryan next showed a contestant  as he did last night, and asked the home audience to select if she made it or was sent home. The contestant sang good enough that I’m guessing the judges decided to give her a Golden Ticket.

I was correct — every dog his his day — and the judges voted to send her on to Hollywood.

Then, we saw a montage of contestants going into The Chamber and getting messed with, and Tristen Langley, the son of a former contestant (Nikki  McKibbons), tries out.  He sings “Santeria” by Sublime. He is TERRIFIC! He shows a lot of range to his voice, and kicks butt! J-Lo says that it’s history setting. Harry isn’t sure that he has what it takes, and votes “no.” J-Lo votes “yes” and Keith seconds it with another “yes” so he gets to go to Hollywood.

Taylor Sterns sings “I Won’t Give Up” by Jason Moraz and plays the guitar — we see a montage of more people, some who make it, some who don’t; then, American Idol goes to another commercial break.

Still in Austin, Texas, a guy — L.J. Hernandez, dressed in a black cowboy hat and boots complements the judges. “I’ll Be” by Edwin McCain. J-Lo tells him that she can tell he put  lot of work into his “performance,” but he doesn’t do very well, and they send him packing.

John Fox, of Texas, a worship leader at his church, sings the Bob Dylan song “Make Me Feel My Love.” He ROCKS the song out, IMHO. He’s the dude from the start of the episode, who we saw in a brief flash forward. The judges all vote “yes” and he gets to go to Hollywood.

At the end of the day, Ryan asks the judges what they thought of Austin, and who they thought had done the best that day. The judges said they had a good time, and mentioned Jesse Roach as being one of the people they thought sang really well.

After the commercial break, American Idol is back, now holding auditions in San Francisco. J-Lo says “we’re looking for something which we’ve never seen before.

Rachel Rolleri, 17,  is up first, from Danville, California. She says: “I’m very excited to meet Keith.” She sings “Stay” by Sugarland. She has a very beautiful voice — she NAILS it. J-Lo says “she has the confidence it takes. Keith says that she has a “very mature voice for 17,” and tells her that she also plays the guitar well.  The judges all give her “yeses.”

Athena Williford, 20,  sings  “I Have Nothing .”  She also does great, but not all of the singers, sadly, can have the same said about their attempts. But, we see three more contestants who get to go to Hollywood.

Emmanuel Zidor, 25, sings “I Believe in You and Me” next. He  kind of “scared” J-Lo at first, but then he sang really well, and he starts to cry when J-Lo tells him his voice is “beautiful.” All three judges tell him “yes.”

More commercials ensued…..

Back  from break, American Idol moved forward with the auditions.   Samuel Ramsey, 24, sang “I Want You Back.” He says it will be a “jazzy” version. Harry hears him, doesn’t like it, and says there’s no such word as “jazzy.” Harry says he’s just singing out of tune, and the guy doesn’t move on.

Caitlin Johnson lives on a 44 acre horse ranch with her parents. She sings Etta James’ “Good Feeling” the “Christina Aguilera” version. Harry: “You’re not ready.”

J-Lo tells her that she’s “hoping” Caitlin will do well if she   votes yes. Keith and J-Lo vote “yes” while Harry votes “no.” Caitlin is “given the chance of a lifetime” according to Ryan, and gets to move on to Hollywood.

Next, Ronald Reed, 23, a guy who’s definitely a character, is up — he sings “For You.” J-Lo said that “your vocals just aren’t strong enough.” Harry said “Your singing just wasn’t there.” The judges all voted “no.” Ronald broke down and started to cry in disappointment.

Then, American Idol went to another commercial break.

When the show came back on, David Luning sang  “Saving All My Love For You.” He did a fantastic job. Harry called his performance “interesting” but didn’t know if it was “Idol interesting.” However, the judges all voted him on to Hollywood.

Then, we saw twins perform –the first one, Selena Moreno, sang “Try” by Janis Joplin. She did okay, but maybe not good enough to move on…. her sister,  Sierra, sang  “One Plus One” by Beyonce.

Harry said “one of you is clearly the better singer.” He said that the decision would probably be hard on them — I think he will say that one gets to move on, and the other won’t.

The judges all voted “yes” for Selena, but only J-Lo voted “yes” for Sierra.  Selena was given a Golden Ticket, but Sierra will have to watch her twin sister from the wings as the season goes on.

Briana Oakley performed next. She was on last season, and was sent home. She sang “Stay” by Sarah Bareilles. Harry said that she loved how she “opened her mouth” when she sang. They send her on to Hollywood.

Aranese Turner, 20,  sing a tune from Willy Wonka”Pure Imagination” and nails it — she gets three “yeses” and  gets a Golden Ticket.

Then, a dude with a husky voice sings  . J-Lo looks like she’s hiding her face — Keith says that “you’re a really sweet guy,” but all three judges turn him down.

Adam Roth, 29, auditions next. He’s into New Age stuff, like chakras and energy systems. Harry said that he fell “so at peace” and called the feeling “intense.” He sings “Hallelujah.” To me, he sounded a bit shaky at the start, but he got better — we’ll  see what the judges say.

Keith: “I’m baffled. I’m really baffled.”

Harry tells him “no,” but J-Lo and Keith say “yes,” so it looks like he’s going to get to go to Hollywood.

We get to see another montage of winners and losers, set to Katy Perry’s “Roar.” Ryan says that they have now a total of 79 remarkable singers on their way to Hollywood this season, and that next week, the auditions will be headed  to Michigan.

American Idol is off to one of its best seasons ever, IMHO. Some of the highlights of the night were John Fox’s version of Bob Dylan’s  song “Make You Feel My Love,” Rachel Rolleri performing “Stay” and Jesse Roach singing “Do Ya.” What were your favorite performances? How do you like Season 13 so far? Please leave your comments below!

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