Apple and the 1984 Super Bowl Ad

Apple decided to run an ad during Super Bowl XVIII in 1984 and the ad is still a topic of conversation today. The commercial was based on the George Orwell novel 1984. Both the commercial and the book are extremely relevant today. Some people would feel that it is a prophecy playing out right in front of everyone’s eyes, whether they know it or not. Macintosh was the computer that the ad introduced to the world. The idea behind Apple’s new Macintosh was to have people start thinking about things in another way. The world may have been changed forever on January 24, 1984.

The Apple 1984 Super Bowl ad portrays a large group of men marching in unison into a theater type room. They all are then seated. Not one of them says a word. They are like mindless followers who view a large screen in front of them. The man on the screen is known as Big Brother, and is talking throughout the first segment of the video. There are glimpses of men in military style uniforms moving forward.

The character that enters next could be oddly familiar to anyone who has recently seen a video involving a sledgehammer wielding female running across the screen. The resemblance is unmistakable. It is as though everything from this 1984 commercial is right on target.

There are people who are calling the George Orwell novel a guidebook for the National Security Agency (NSA) and the government in general. The ad brings the book to life in a very short time span of sixty seconds. The public will be making up their minds as sales of the 1984 novel are climbing quickly. There was also a movie released in 1984 titled 1984 that is based on the George Orwell book.

Apple is celebrating Mac’s thirtieth birthday this year. There is a buzz in the air that a Super Bowl ad commemorating the 1984 ad might be a possibility. Lee Clow is the Chairman as well as the Global Director of TBWA World-wide. He also partnered with Steve Hayden in creating the Apple 1984 Mac ad.

Mr. Clow tweeted that it is going to be a good Super Bowl and that Mac is turning thirty. Some are saying this is a teaser about the 1984 Super Bowl ad and that people should be prepared to see what Apple will do. Lee Clow has already started people talking on social networking sites. The anticipation is building and curiosity about a new Apple Super Bowl ad has started.

Apple and Mac have become household names all over the globe. To say Apple has grown tremendously is an understatement. Of course, all of Apple’s other items are household names as well. Everyone knows iPad, iPod, iTunes and the not-to-be-forgotten iPhone. Consumers worldwide will be waiting to see the direction that Apple is headed next and what new things are in store for the public.

The 1984 Super Bowl ad that started it all for Apple turns thirty this year. People the world over will be watching to see if an ad that matches or surpasses the Mac 1984 one will be presented. Some wonder if it might be yet another glimpse into the future, which thirty years from now the public will look back on and recognize as a turning point. It all remains to be seen on Sunday, February 2 at Super Bowl XLVIII.

by Saki Kahala


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  1. jnffarrell1   January 23, 2014 at 4:26 am

    Jobs was talking about the business machine monopoly and he selected the perfect medium to get his message across. Without naming names, Apple said your business masters know about human sensibilities, they know computer users prefer human friendly and colorful interfaces and they choose to ‘let you eat punched card chads’.

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