Apple Inc iPad 6 Pro 12 Inch May Be Hybrid Release Date in Fall

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The rumor mill continues to explode whenever the iPad 6 dubbed the iPad Pro news hits the field. The latest news states Apple Inc may be rolling out the 12-inch tablet as a hybrid machine, instead of just a keyboard-less iPad. Additionally, rumors suggest the date of the release of the iPad may happen sometime during the fall to tighten up specs, including the rumored 4K resolution.

Barron’s reported Apple Inc will be releasing an Enterprise 12-inch iPad in the fall of 2014. The device has not been officially named by Apple, but commonly is called the iPad Pro or iPad 6, by tech experts. The iPad, continues Barron’s, will be equipped with the A8 chip and more importantly, Apple Inc may be transforming the hybrid game. Doubt does reign on this speculation. It has been CEO Tim Cook who has refuted and bashed competitors for their own hybrids.

Cook has suggested competitors are “confused,” because they are “turning tablets into PCs and PCs into tablets.” Could it be an iPad, a laptop or a Cook eating his own words? No one can confirm for certain. The rumor mill is buzzing hot, Barron’s is a highly reputable source and it seems their prediction stemmed from Evercore. The release date seems to be reliable, as Apple Inc typically releases their newest line-up in the fall. The speculation of a 12-inch iPad seems believable, to a degree. It was Steve Jobs, who for his many years with his company scolded massive screens. Then it happened with the competitors and big screens are selling. Could the next iPad generation be equipped with a 12-inch screen and be released as a hybrid?

Patrick Wang over at Evercore Partners think so. It was Wang, an analyst with the company, who stated the following:

Arriving in fall ’14, Apple goes Enterprise with an 12″ iPad. Powered by the A8 chip…this expands ARM’s reach and, once again, transforms the traditional notebook market as we know it.
Expect a 2-1 hybrid — think iPad + MBA — similar to how most iPads are used in the workplace and in the same spirit of MSFT’s Surface.

Wang goes on to detail the competition level it would provide Intel’s laptop market. Could this mean a major shift within the Apple Inc engineering walls? It remains unseen. Certainly, it was Jobs who scoffed at the ideal of large screens, but they are becoming a demand so great, rumors of a larger iPhone may be released in 2014. Additionally, some consumers want the ease of a larger tablet – for work, school and projects.

Tech experts consider the aspect of the hybrid approach. Many speculate if Apple was providing an entry review when naming the iPad Air. An Enterprise aimed tablet could be beneficial for the business customers within Apple Inc’s purchasing parameter.

Further yet is the minor annoyances stemming from dedicated Apple fans if Cook and executives bend into the rumors and indeed are developing a hybrid machine. Lucinda from Cleveland, Ohio has been an Apple products buyer since 1992 when she purchased the PowerBook 170. In addition, Lucinda states she has owned/owns the following products: Macintosh TV, PowerBook 3400, iBook, 1st gen iPod, iPod Photo, currently has an iPhone 5, Apple TV and MacBook Pro. Her experience with Apple is in-depth and she is not thrilled with the rumors:

No no no. Apple is better because they don’t follow. They create and people follow them. This big screen nonsense, this hybrid talk is crazy. The company formulated the perfect method of branding because of innovation. If it wasn’t created, I may not be as mad at these rumors. I know Apple can also take what a competitor has and make it better, but that’s not the point. The point is innovation and this news, if true, is just disappointing.

For now, the rumor mill continues to buzz as speculation rises. Will the newest iPad generation be called the iPad 6 or iPad Pro? Will it sport a massive 12-inch screen to slam the competition? Will Wang’s prediction be true and a hybrid is on its way to Enterprise customers? Lots of questions, predictions and rumors. For now, the rest of the public will have to wait and see.

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