Apple iPhone 6 Latest Rumors and Release Date

AppleThere are constant new rumors about the latest features and release date for the iPhone 6 from Apple. Some of these rumors started as long ago as 2012, when the iPhone 5 was released. The most recent ones come after the drop in the price of the iPhone 5S, a usual sign that a new model is coming.

The iPhone 5S and 5C have both seen considerably price drops lately in the US and UK. The iPhone 5 also saw a new price drop. It has sparked new rumors that the release date is very soon, but Apple has still to confirm any details.

Depending on the contract, it is possible to get hold of the 5S for as little as $100. This can increase if less is paid each month, but is still much lower than it has been in the past. acknowledges that this is a surprise. The demand for the new flagship phone was extremely high when it was first released in September 2013. There are two reasons to announce a price drop: there are now many more phones available or a new one is on its way and Apple wants to get rid of the current stock.

Of course, lowering the price just before the release of a new model could be counterproductive for the tech giant. People who choose to buy a handset now will be less inclined to buy one later on in the year, whether it is in a few weeks or a few months. Apple will be aiming the iPhone 6 at those who previously bought the iPhone 5 and even those still using the iPhone 4S or 4. There may be some customers holding out to see if the latest rumors and possible release dates are true and lead to an Apple iPhone 6 release. has weighed in on the speculations putting the date of the new iPhone release to be closer to the end of 2014, around a year after the iPhone 5S’ release. This is based on the pattern that Apple has followed since the release of the 3G. There is a new numbered phone and then a lettered phone a year after that and that cycle has continued up until last year.

Many people want to know about features. With the Samsung Galaxy S5 being released sometime in 2014, Apple is going to have some work on its hands. While there will be some who buy Apple just because of the name, others want bigger and better features and the tech giant is lagging slightly. Some of the rumors have including morphing technology to hide cameras and sensors and a screen that is at least an inch larger than the current one.

However, the people at Gotta Be Mobile have announced that some of the rumors do not seem to add up. For example, a larger screen with the same resolution as the iPhone 5S does not seem plausible to them.

Apple is still to confirm anything about the latest rumors and release date of the iPhone 6, but there are high chances the company is working on a new phone.

By Alexandria Ingham

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