Apple TV Might Get Into Gaming With New Feature

Apple TV might soon get into the gaming world with a new feature according to Time. There is some speculation surrounding how this is going to happen. iLounge states the device will get this capability through an update that will be released in March or possibly earlier. However, 9to5Mac says that the gaming feature might instead be included on a new version of the Apple TV. It is also rumored that this gaming feature might also include an app consumers can use to purchase games and that Bluetooth controllers are being produced. Apple may also make gaming possible for older devices.

Apple TV is already into gaming with the ability to play games using Airplay. Airplay allows users the ability to stream audio from the Apple TV to an Apple device, such as an iPhone. Users can also use the device to move games from an iPod to the Apple TV and watch videos from pre-loaded channels. The device itself wasn’t updated as much as the iPhone; in 2010, the second version of the Apple TV was released. Apple TV has only only released two newer versions since then. Apple TV has some competition since its release.

Chromecast and Roku are two of these competitors; Google released Chromecast last year and Roku has released several models since Apple’s second release. Time writer, Jared Newman, brings up the question of focus if Apple TV does get into gaming with the new feature. He questions if the company will focus on the gaming aspect of the device or not. If Apple does decide to focus on gaming, then users will see it promoted on their website and in the Apple Store.

Apple may be closer to the reality of a console with the ability for gamers to use a controller with their Mac iOS7. Moga and Logitech released the first controllers which were only made to be compatible with iPhone. However, the new controllers from SteelSeries and Signal use Bluetooth, which will make them compatible with both the iPad and possibly the Apple TV. The games that are compatible with this controller is small but getting larger as time goes on. Even though there are a small amount of games that are used with the controller, the App Store makes it difficult for consumers to purchase them.

According to Newman, it’s difficult for gamers to find apps that use the controller on the App Store; Apple also didn’t let consumers know about this release when it came out in December. The controller itself is a little pricey; users can expect to pay between $80 to $100 for the controller. It also was reported to have many issues while it was being tested.

Apple TV’s future might include getting into the gaming world with its new feature. The rumored feature might come from an update or a new device; it also may include an online store for users to purchase games and they might also be able to use it on older devices. Even if the gaming feature is months away, gamers will be ready when it’s released.

By Jordan Bonte


LA Times