Bieber Coughs Up Sizzurp Label Complaint

Bieber can hear the complaint as his sizzurp label coughs up disapproval over its use. He has done it again with another display of  “just-over teen boy gone wild.” Bieber is being hit by the pharmaceutical company that makes the super expensive sizzurp that helps to keep him doing stupid things.

According to TMZ, the codeine company makes Actavis and it is a potent and very expensive cough syrup. It is touted to sell for thousands per bottle. Bieber likes his with soda pop and Jolly Ranchers. No mention was made as to whether Bieber prefers the soft or hard brand of ranchers which come in an array of fruit flavors.

The syrup, which comes from overseas, “Is used to treat cold and severe upper respiratory symptoms.” It contains five different ingredients, including codeine. The company insists their product is not sold for any other purposes.

Sizzurp is not new and those not making loads of money like young Bieber sip a much less expensive brand of sizzurp which still does the work of impairing decision-making skills by making users sleepy and high.

Bieber’s  “party kid” label might have raised eyebrows for Actavis  representatives. Not one complaint was made initially over the sizzurp requests; not when the kid coughs up unlimited amounts of money.

It is hard for customers to pull  many over-the-counter medications from shelves,  instead many top-selling brands are now  are kept under lock and key; they are kept in the store for paying customers but they must be purchased along with appropriate identification.  In times past they seemed to grow legs and be used for a quick high by those unwilling to pay for their habits.

Addiction to over-the-counter medications has caused the need for pharmacies that want to deter young sizzurp addicts from helping themselves, for free. It also allows store clerks to monitor how much a paying customer consumes in a month. Keeping it behind the counter gives store personnel the authority to send people away until they are eligible again for the medication. This is also done with allergy medication at many stores that have a pharmacy department.

Bieber has the money and access to the best-of-the-best so he does not have to partake in the low-end sizzurp like regular kids. Although he does seem to be chasing quite a few demons lately. No one has asked how  this affects his voice. Does he believe he sings as well on sizzurp as he does off of it? How much is he sleeping? For what he pays per bottle, along with other reported extracurricular activities, the young star should be getting  tired.

Has anyone spoken to him about losing his vocal edge with such a horrid “cough?” If he doesn’t put it all down soon and get back to the music that he and his fans adore soon, his vocal cords and brain cells may suffer due to the proof level of his elixir and current drug of choice.

It is hard to  watch talent and potential spiral down so quickly. Reportedly his friends and loved ones are very concerned with his behavior and hope he is able to get a grip on things. As Bieber coughs up complaints over his sizzurp use he adds another label to his image.

People  don’t understand why he can’t seem to live his awesome life without all of the extras. He is so young and has a bright future if he can pull it together and lay the substances down.

By C. Imani Williams



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