Bieber Scrambles Away From Charges

Bieber“Retired” pop star Justin Bieber scrambled away from charges stemming from a weekend incident where the singer was accused of egging a neighbor’s home.  A friend, however, netted a drug charge during the police investigation that included a search of Bieber’s home.

Rapper Lil Za, whose real name is Xavier Smith, was charged with felony drug possession and also landed a vandalism charge for damaging a phone while in lockup, police at the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said.  The rapper, 20, was initially held on $20,000 bail, but after the damage was done to the phone, the rapper’s bail was hiked to $50,000.

A search of Bieber’s home turned up drugs that were initially believed to be cocaine, but may have been ecstasy or Xanax.  The drugs are believed to have belonged to a friend of the singer who was living at the home.

The egg-tossing incident resulted in thousands of dollars in damage.  Police have said that while many may shake their head at the thought of a few eggs causing so much trouble, it is a crime that can net someone felony charges.

While Bieber has scrambled away from charges this time there are many who question whether or not the singer is actually doing something productive with his time off.  The singer has not had a good year, to be sure.  Between accusations of him spitting on fans in Toronto, spitting on neighbors in his own Calabasas, California neighborhood, and peeing in a bucket in a restaurant, the sensation from Stratford, Ontario has truly completed his transformation from the squeaky clean pop star to a sleazy wannabe gangster type.

Beliebers, in spite of their fierce loyalty to the pop star, are likely even shaking their heads as to just how far their hero has fallen.  While the drugs were not tied to the pop star outside of a friend living at his home, police have said that Beiber has been neither exonerated nor arrested in the matter.

They did note that Bieber was cooperative with police during their investigation, and although they have not spoken with the star yet, they expect to speak with him when he’s with his lawyer.  The Los Angeles County Police Department had detained Beiber in his garage so they could search the property for any surveillance video that might shed light on the egg-citing incident that significantly damaged the neighbor’s property.

This is not the first time the troubled singer has run afoul of the law.  He ran into trouble with Polish authorities when he turned up at the Polish airport without his shirt on, had some issues when he illegally traveled with a monkey and has continued to struggle on a personal level to keep himself clear of legal issues.

An estimated $20,000 in damage occurred to the property during the egging, and the neighbor, Jeffrey Schwartz, is not impressed.  He says he saw Bieber from his second floor balcony, and claims at least 20 eggs were hurled in the incident.  Schwartz says the damage is so significant because his home’s exterior is Venetian plaster.

So, while Bieber scrambles away from charges this time, it remains to be seen whether the embattled pop star will remain so lucky.  The investigation into the incident is ongoing.

By Christina St-Jean


Toronto Star

New York Daily News


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