Blackberry 10 Boasts FM Radio

Blackberry 10

Blackberry 10 has FM Radio. How does a smartphone becomes a radio? A brand new software update allows your smartphone to be a radio, FM style. Included in this update is a screen to receive the calls, SMS or texting, a reading mode and passwords with pictures.

Today, updated enhancements are coming to your Blackberry OS 10.2.1, right through your carrier around the world. Blackberry has been a leader in communications around the globe and continues to use new software, which allows the user to be updated; keeping them in perfect connection with business and in personal matters.

How about searching remotely for old emails, greater than two months old and Bluetooth share, Wi-fi direct, accu-weather on the clock app, flashlight apps, new wallpapers, new Twitter app and airplane mode on, at the bedside. These are some of the updates happening today.

The Blackberry Hub allows for messages and notifications to be filtered in one area. A new call screen performs by swiping to the left for an answer or to the right, to ignore a call. An icon simply lets you silence or reply. The person on the other end can be notified, that who they’ve called is driving, eating, getting a raise, or not. Standard responses are available, so the person on the other end will not be annoyed with a no reply. Simply make the personalized gesture ahead of time.

Blackberry 10Email and texts can be performed with groups for optimal efficiency. This is in line with other devices on the market. For quick unlocking features, a picture and a number 1-9, can be used together for opening the device. Simply put the selected number over the picture for quick release.

Maybe an important message has come across your screen and time is of essence, simply tap the screen to open for the quick look, discreetly.

Let’s say the individual doesn’t have the time to read the whole article right now, and sending to email only fills the email tank, Blackberry 10 has an offline Browser Reading Mode. Take the phone wherever, whenever to finish the article with or without internet.

Need music for a dance in the kitchen, before dinner is ready or maybe the view from the balcony needs a song? FM Radio is unlocked in the built-in handset. That’s right Blackberry 10 has FM Radio and no network connection is required. This software update is available today in the U.S., Europe, Canada, Africa, Asia Pacific, The Middle East, and Latin America.

Blackberry (R) has been around since 1999 and the company was founded in 1984. It’s base is Waterloo, Ontario. The company is traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange under “BB” and the NASDAQ using “BBRY.” The 10.2.1 update is also for Porsche Design P’9982, the smart phone.

These new updates occurred today, through carriers and should excite users who are loyal Blackberry customers, keeping them up-to-date with other devices on the market. The number and picture security, lock and unlock, should help in assisting with the multitude of passwords an individual uses on a daily basis. The Blackberry 10 now has FM Radio available and a simple opening to unlock the smartphone experience instantly.

By Kim Troike