Bruno Mars’ Halftime Show ‘First of Its Kind’

Bruno MarsAccording to Touchdown Entertainment, Bruno Mars’ halftime show will be the “first of its kind.” This isn’t about the performance or the two acts that are getting together on the stage. It’s about the technology involved.

The whole point of the halftime show was to give people something to watch while the players get a rest and talk strategy. But it has quickly turned into a must-see event. Even people who have no interest in the Super Bowl will tune in for the show, and when there is a technical problem the Super Bowl audience later suffers. This was seen last year during the blackout.

Technology isn’t always guaranteed, which is why this year’s show is going to be a big risk. Touchdown Entertainment owner, Ricky Kirshner, explained that they are creating the largest LED screen ever used in the stadium. The company has handled all the lighting, sound, staging and televising for the past seven seasons, and they want to do something bigger and better each year.

The screen isn’t going to be up on top of the stadium roof like it has been in previous years. This year, the company is giving everyone a wool hat that has the LED screen built in. The warming package will be underneath the cushion of the seat. Everyone needs to participate in this for it to work, so people are asked to remain in their seats during the halftime show.

With all the screens in use, the stadium will turn into an 800,000 pixel LED screen. The halftime show staring Mars and Red Hot Chili Peppers really will be the “first of its kind.” Kirshner explained that its like the Grammy Awards backdrop but bigger and better.

All of this is for a performance that will last around 12 minutes! And it has taken the crew four months to perfect. If one thing goes wrong, the whole effect will be ruined and it will be the blackout all over again. There is just eight minutes to set up the technicalities and seven minutes to take them down ready for the second half of the NFL Super Bowl.

Kirshner confirmed that around 3,000 members of staff will be involved, when crew, volunteers and performers are accounted for. With the stadium being an open-air one, it has also meant that tweaks were needed. There have been no rigging points, but that is a good thing. A pyrotechnic show is possible. However, the details of the staging and stunts have not been confirmed, since Mars said it’s all about him and his music.

The threat of storms isn’t making the Touchdown Entertainment boss worry. His first Super Bowl was in the rain in Miami, when everyone said that the biggest NFL day had never had rain. This isn’t the first outdoor event he has done either, and has handed all sorts of weather. He’s prepared for whatever nature throws at him.

It will be interesting to see the effect that his LED screens have, and whether the public will remain in their seats. It’s not much to ask for 12 minutes. And it will mean Mars is part of a halftime show that’s “first of its kind.”

Editorial by Alexandria Ingham


New York Post

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