Bullied Teen Resorted to Plastic Surgery

Bullied teen resorted to plastic surgery for a normal teenage lifeA teen who was home-schooled because she had been bullied so badly in school has resorted to plastic surgery to make her feel normal. The 15-year-old girl being called Renata convinced her mother that a nose job was the only way for her to move forward with a normal life.

The South Carolina teen said for the past three years she’s been home-schooled because they bullying became unbearable. The teen and her mother are using pseudo names to keep their true identity hidden.

Renata said the kids tortured her by calling her “That girl with the big nose.” She said it hurt so bad that she couldn’t seem to get over it. Renata said she’s tried all of the positive things like telling herself she was fine just like she was but she no longer believed it.

Renata finally got her wish from the Little Baby Face Foundation in New York City. This is a non-profit organization that offers free plastic surgery to children with facial deformities, whose families can’t afford it.

Little Baby Face Foundation is the organization that famously pinned back the ears of 14-year-old Nadia Ilse in 2012. Nadia’s classmates used to call her “Dumbo” because her ears were so big and disproportioned to her face. Nadia said Little Baby Face Foundation changed her life and she was thrilled with the outcome.

Renata and her mother Michelle reached out to the foundation seeking assistance. Once the director, Dr. Thomas Romo, diagnosed Renata with a condition called hemi-facial microsomia they offered her the surgery she longed for. Hemi-microsomia is a condition that caused her nose to lean to one side. In addition to the nose job, Romo, threw in a chin job to help balance out Renata’s face.

Even though the foundation doesn’t profess to have mental health services, they did provide counseling for Renata before she finalized her decision to move forward with the surgery.

Although many psychologists agree that resorting to plastic surgery is not the ideal way to avoid bullying, Renata’s mother says she stands by her daughter’s decision to improve her life. Michelle said it’s sad and unfortunate but people are judged based on the way they look.

Vivian Diller, a New York psychologist, believes the idea of using plastic surgery as a means to stop a child from being bullied brings up some serious concerns. One question Diller asked is “Are we saying it’s the victim’s responsibility to alter themselves surgically?” Diller feels the bigger problem would be to address the idea that people should have the courage to accept the differences of others and really push a zero tolerance of bullying.

Diller isn’t saying that it should never be an option but it’s important to remember when one is contemplating physical changes through the medium of surgery not only are there physical risks that must be considered but psychological ones as well.

Michelle said when children have teeth that aren’t straight parents allow them to get braces in order to correct their teeth. She said Renata didn’t need braces but she did need assistance and no matter what she’s the same child on the inside.

A few months after the procedure Michelle said her daughter is happier that she’s seen her in years. She even wants to return to regular school because she doesn’t feel like she has to hide anymore. Renata said she feels happy and confident with her new look.

After being bullied for years about her nose 15-year-old Renata resorted to plastic surgery to have her nose corrected. The New York based organization named Little Baby Face Foundation granted the teen her wish by performing her surgical procedure for free.

Renata was home-schooled for three years due to her deformity but now is grateful for the opportunity to return to a normal life.

By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)

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