Capital Punishment Good or Bad for Society

capital punishment

It is hard to decide whether capital punishment could be good or bad for the society. It has been used in every country and civilization throughout history until this day. The debate on capital punishment as a way to keep society in order, or just being a cruel and unusual punishment, had always been a hot issue among groups. Truth is, capital punishment has always been around and the chances of that changing are far reaching in nature.

The list of criminals that have been sentenced to death is entirely full of people who have committed the act of murder. Many people believe that this is a good thing, going back to the old saying an “eye for and eye.” Murderers are sentenced to death in order to give justice to the victim and the victim’s family. This also ensures that the criminal will not be out in society to possibly commit the crime again.

Murder is completely different then a crime such as drug dealing; but there are crimes that have harmed other human beings, that to most people, can be considered just as bad as murder. Determining whether or not society needs capital punishment in order to promote the understanding of good and bad, one needs to look at the fact that murders, as well as other horrific crimes, still occur every day. These crimes include the production or distribution of child pornography, rape, all types of child abuse, or any other crime involving violence or harm towards another person. Obviously it is a human instinct to become violent, but a normal person will only become violent when the time is appropriate. This means if a persons’ life is in danger, violence may be necessary to avoid any harm to another person.

Unfortunately, the world is full of people who are just violent and it really boils down to how the human mind works uniquely in every person. As adults, people should fully understand what is right and what is wrong. They should automatically know that child pornography is wrong. They should automatically come to the conclusion in their heads that hurting another person is not acceptable. Although the above crimes will put those types of criminals in jail for many years, they are still eventually freed after they have served their time. If a murderer is given the death penalty in order to prevent the same crime from happening again, then why are child rapists let out?

Capital punishment, good or bad, is used to set an example for other people in society who are capable of committing murder. Although everyone is physically capable of committing murder, a normal good person can understand that killing somebody is wrong. If a murderer is under capital punishment, then people who can commit murder should know that if they are caught committing that crime, they will be punished accordingly. This process should trigger deterrence in committing a crime in the first place. Obviously that is not working as well as the courts assumed because so many people are still getting hurt or killed by the hands of others every day.

By Brittany Varner-Miller