Cara Delevigne: Getting Pop Culture’s Latest Ingénue

Cara Delevigne Getting Pop Culture’s Latest Ingénue

Cara Delevigne, the 21-year old model with the pleasantly tongue-twisting surname, is suddenly popping everywhere in our pop culture as the latest ingénue as presented in celebrity magazines, online and social media. A quick search under “Cara Delevigne” reveals that back in 2011, google search was tracking between 2 – 5 headlines per month featuring the young model. By September 2012, this figure had spiked to 30 headlines; by February 2013, the spike had nearly tripled to 89 news headlines featuring Delevigne in a single month. Pop culture’s latest ingénue has been delivered, and perhaps we need to understand how Cara Delevigne came to be.

Delevigne’s trademark thick chesnut-colored eyebrows – traits shared by old Hollywood stars including Elizabeth Taylor and Audrey Hepburn – have been claimed by British media to have single-handedly been responsible “for a slowdown in the tweezer industry.”

Delevigne – A Possible Incoming Triple Threat?

She came into modelling at a young age as a child, and consequently walked the runways and posed for well-known global brands including Dolce and Gabbana, Chanel and H&M amongst others. However, in addition to her modelling, Delevigne has become part of a small group of celebrities who have been able to branch off and begin pollinating their talents in other arenas without a scorching public rebuttal. For her, this has notably been acting; she has already acquired three acting credits to her name (two of which are in post-production this year). What remains to be seen is if there is a third talent hidden up her sleeves.
Modeling is just one of Delevigne's talents.
At her age, the “It Girl” has already engaged and surpassed what seem to be the prerequisite speed bumps to pop culture acceptance and fame, like a drug mishap, echoing Kate Moss’ drug scandal, but without the significant social ramifications Kate endured for a time. She has readily embraced social media, with over a million Twitter followers and over three million Instagram followers, where her motto includes this phrase: “Embrace your weirdness.”

Indeed, Delevigne has already mastered the arena of modelling and posing professionally.  She now dominates her private and personally directed spheres of social influence with instant photos of self-deprecating antics and goofy grins, providing her followers with the ultimate insider’s peek at her life. This shows a refreshing side to the model so often portrayed as aloof and unattainable in her modelling campaigns.

Her blue-blood high-society background has been well documented within the British newspapers. And indeed, it should not be doubted when asking the question as to why she has become so popular; all her connections and willingness to be in front of the camera lens have helped. Her association with other high-profile stars and models such as Rihanna and Sienna Miller, who also do not ones to shy away from social media snaps and tweets to engage their own followers, have only increased her household-name and familiarity around the globe.

In a previous century, the social activities, and knowing what took place where, were limited to those who took part. Now, the advent of the social media age has served to amplify the popularity those ready to embrace the front of the lens according to their own agendas and timelines, and this is duly noted with Delevigne, decidedly this year’s crowned It Girl and Ingénue, who is coolly capturing the public eye under her model gaze.

By Joscelyne Yu


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