Channing Tatum on Board to Play Gambit in X-Men

Channing Tatum

Channing Tatum is on board to play the popular Cajun thief Gambit. Fox Studios has been ratcheting it up with their X-Men universe to compete with Marvel and their shared cinematic universe. This May the much anticipated X-Men Days of Future Past will be opening in theaters, which will then act as a direct lead to X-Men: Apocalypse in 2016. The time is better than any for Gambit to make an appearance, forgetting that X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Taylor Kitsch’ portrayal ever existed, of course.

Empire magazine quotes X-Men producer Laura Shuler as saying that she wants to see a Gambit movie with  Tatum in the role. She adds that it does not have to be a big movie, just about a thief in New Orleans, claiming the actor is such a sweetheart that he is irresistible.

However, Channing Tatum has some work cut out for him if he is truly intent on portraying Gambit. Known for his thick Cajun accent, the Louisiana thief can manipulate and create kinetic energy. Mixing his powers with his card throwing skills, Gambit is the definition of cool. In ranking him as number 65 on their 2011 top 100 heroes, IGN describes the character as someone with a dark past, swagger, and charm; a tortured soul that fans love.

Tatum is popular for being the butt end of moviegoers and other celebrities’ jokes, and if this casting news comes to fruition, the thought of him with a Cajun accent will only exacerbate the Channing Tatum mockeries. That is not to take away from the actor’s skills, as he has done a solid job in various genres, including several action films such as the GI Joe franchise to comedy in 21 Jump Street and romances like Dear John. Channing Tatum will be taking a stab at sci-fi this year with The Wachowski Siblings next film Jupiter Ascending. It is not surprising he is on board to play Gambit in the X-Men universe, as this will really add to his diverse selection of roles.

As Shuler says, the Gambit film does not have to be a big movie. Gambit rising up in New Orleans in the world of thieves is definitely a picture that will work best as an intimate, smaller budget type of film, so the right vision of approaching the character is there. If Shuler convinces the studio and Channing Tatum does indeed officially come on board to play Gambit, there will be backlash more epic than Ben Affleck’s casting as Batman. It will be interesting to see if he can he prove fans wrong.

Opening in 2D and 3D theaters X-Men Days of Future Past will open on May 23, 2014, followed by Apocalypse in 2016, along with an X-Force movie – its script currently in development. Gambit played a crucial role in the Apocalypse comics storyline, so it would be not be a surprise if the creative minds are thinking of casting an actor as Gambit soon. Channing Tatum may have a desire to portray the popular X-Man, but the question now is, whether the studio is on board with it also.

By Kollin Lore


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